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Why Go Vegan? Six Convincing Reasons To Be Vegan

Why Go Vegan? Six Convincing ReasonsIt’s a question asked by many for good reasons considering the rapid growth of vegans and many others who show a great interest in plant-based foods.

We believe it’s due to our capacity to evolve as moral beings, our thirst to seek the truth, and our ability to question our own thoughts and deeds.

But before knowing the various noble & personal reasons for this infectious shift, you may first need to clarify who is a real vegan is.

A vegan is a person who does not consume animal products (including by-products) and doesn’t contribute or participate in any kind of animal cruelty or exploitation. This definition is based on the doctrine of the word veganism which was founded by the Vegan Society in 1951 [1].

Some of you may think, “why go vegan or bother? How am I to forgo the joy of eating a steak, drinking a milkshake or the comforts & style of a leather jacket?”

However, wouldn’t it be such a relief if we told you that you don’t have to lose your cravings & comforts, to go vegan. This post starts showing exactly that, besides revealing many other reasons which have far-reaching implications.

Let’s discuss the six convincing reasons why increasingly many are opting for a vegan lifestyle.

1. It’s Not Really a Sacrifice Anymore!

As we told before, gone are the days where it was quite a challenge to pursue a vegan lifestyle without sacrificing your taste & comforts to an extent.

With the ever-evolving vegan trend & demand, and thanks to so many vegan-friendly product manufacturers, things have become much easier today.  Because many suppliers have realized that there is a growing demand for vegan products and with the demand increasing year over year they have found a profitable market to which they can cater.

Today there is no reason for you to stop loving the taste of meat, eggs, milk or even cheese just because you’ve become vegan.

See a list of substitutes and vegan food options to indulge yourself:

  • Meat can be substituted with mushrooms, jackfruit, eggplant, tempeh (Non-GMO), tofu (Non-GMO), and other meat analogs.
  • Dairy milk can be replaced with soy milk (Non-GMO), almond milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, rice milk, and coconut milk.
  • Eggs can be substituted with tofu / silken tofu (Non-GMO), agar powder and brands like VeganEgg, etc. Irrespective of whether you want to have a dish with eggs or use it for baking there is a vegan option.
  • Cheese substitutes are soy cheese, nut cheese, seed cheese, and rice cheese.
  • Most quality dark chocolates are vegan and there are many vegan chocolate brands.
  • You have access to many vegan fortified food options for nutrition and add variety.
  • In fact, by now, there is hardly a food item sourced from animals that doesn’t have a vegan option. There are vegan ice cream brandsvegan cookies, and many more vegan options to keep you satisfied!

As you can see, when it comes to replacing non-vegan food, your options are practically limitless, and there seems to be no reason what so ever to miss any of it.

Much like food, it is the same for style & fashion. Leather, fur can be subbed by faux/synthetic leather & fur. Instead of sheep’s wool, you can use cotton wool. For silk, you can choose nylon and rayon. There is hardly any animal product that doesn’t have an alternative today. So it boils down to a matter of awareness.

2. For Animals


Preventing animal cruelty, exploitation and to standby animal rights are the reasons why many decide to go vegan. It was the same motive that prompted myself to go vegetarian initially and then be vegan later (I became vegan after learning about the dairy & poultry industry).

Just take a look at the meat and dairy farm images below and sincerely ask whether you want to support these industries.

factory farm meat industry animal abuse,cruelty, animal rights violation,why go vegan, why be vegan, why become vegan, why vegan diet
This is how cows with broken legs are beaten and electrocuted to force them to stand and go to slaughter. Credit: Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0]
factory farm meat industry animal abuse,cruelty, animal rights violation - why go vegan, why be vegan, why become vegan, why vegan diet
Cow restrained for stunning just prior to slaughter / By Phil Wolff via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Dairy industry animal abuse,cruelty, animal rights violation - why go vegan, why be vegan, why become vegan, why vegan diet
Does that huge udder look normal to you? This is how dairy industry has turned cows into milk producing machines. / Credit: Maxpixel (CC0 1.0)
Dairy farm industry animal abuse,cruelty, animal rights violation - why go vegan, why be vegan, why become vegan, why vegan diet
Dairy industry sends male calves and unproductive cows to slaughter

Poultry industry battery cage animal abuse,cruelty, animal rights violation - why go vegan, why be vegan, why become vegan, why vegan diet
Egg laying hens are crammed into battery cages (less than the space of an A4 paper) for their entire lives and prone to muscle and bone deterioration. / By איתמר ק., ITamar K. [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons
There is no rationale to suggest that we have been granted the rights to interfere with animal lives or use them for food, clothing, entertainment, science, etc. The only rationale obviously is all sentient animals have a right to life & freedom.

Animals are not objects, and they have feelings, have beautiful & varied personalities, social bonds, hierarchies and they experience life besides not forgetting how intelligent they’re. On the other hand, just like us, they have every reason to fear pain & death.

By going vegan, you do your part in reducing demand for animals to be slaughtered for profits and satisfy taste buds. In totality, if you be vegan that may help save 100-200 animals per year approximately (including sea animals). Going vegan helps you sincerely appreciate animals at a much higher capacity without any guilt knowing that you have done your part to save and protect them.

3. Why Vegan Diet? For Health

The Healthy Vegan Diet Plan for Vegan Food and Nutrition

Many would want to know other reasons behind choosing a vegan diet, with an intention of knowing all the health benefits that come with typical vegan diets.

A lot of vegans can attest to this as there are numerous scientifically proven health benefits linked to healthy vegan diets compared to standard western diets.

Below are some of the top health benefits you can expect when you go vegan:

  • Reduced risk of heart attacks & strokes (leading causes of death) [2]
  • Prevent obesity, reduce and control weight [2]
  • Lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer [2]
  • Prevent many diseases spread from animals and other harmful effects of animal hormones & antibiotics [3].
  • Other benefits include but are not limited to healthy skin, longevity, better digestion, better sleep [4], etc.

While a vegan diet can easily get fiber, protein, carotenoid, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, folic acid, iron and phytochemicals, a well-planned vegan diet & lifestyle can take care of calcium, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and zinc as well.

The vegan diet also has proven to be ideal for all stages of life starting from pregnancy, infancy, childhood up to adolescence [5]. Since a healthy vegan lifestyle demands an awareness of balancing nutrition and eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, there is a tendency to be health-oriented when you become vegan.

In fact, a vegan diet can be successfully adopted by athletes and bodybuilders as well. You can find many real-world examples of athletes and bodybuilders who are following these diets.

4. For Humanity and Environment

Many children and adults in the world die due to malnutrition and starvation. Going vegan is one of the best things you can do for humanity and even for the environment as well.

If the entire world goes vegan, there will be enough food to feed everybody including all the malnourished people in the world.

Apart from the mistreatment of animals many of the animal factory farms are known for violation of labor laws, low labor standards, and higher labor turnover. Many of these workers have low to no education and are not even aware of their rights.

They are being put under tremendous physiological and mental stress and exposed to a high level of injury, where their human rights can seriously be questioned. No big surprise, it has been named as one of the riskiest jobs in USA.

Thus, if you go vegan, you’re doing your part to discourage this exploitative industry. At the end of the day, one needs to ask “am I going to support an industry that kills for a living?”

As far as the environment is concerned, let’s look at some stats:

  • According to one study, farm animals seem to create more greenhouse gasses than the transportation sector [6]. These greenhouse gasses consist of intestinal gas, decomposition of animal droppings, and carbon dioxide released via deforestation to create grazing lands for livestock and animal feed crop.
  • In 11 western states of the USA, approximately 70% is grazed by livestock [7].
  • Grazing has caused an issue for 171 endangered species.
  • About 80% of the deforested Amazon rainforest is made as grazing land for livestock [8].
  • Land used as pasture & crops to feed farm animals causes the highest deforestation while making it quite difficult to restore for other types of farming for human consumption.
  • To produce one pound of beef it takes approximately 1,800 gallons of water [9] compared to 700 gallons to make a pound of lentils and 299 gallons to make a pound of rice [10].

No doubt, by adopting a vegan lifestyle, you choose a much greener path and would lessen your impact on the environment.

5. For Better Conscience & Positive Outlook

People with a moral compass would always value a finer conscience and consider it to be a no trade-off.

Irrespective of the motive to become vegan, consciously or subconsciously vegans know that they are making a contribution towards noble causes.

Not only these lifestyles would lead to a brighter future for our own species, but it is an attempt towards a world with greater coexistence for all sentient beings and natural habitat.

Further, anyone becoming a vegan would know that it takes compassion, critical thinking, commitment, and self-belief to make such transitions. All these powerful qualities, forces and fulfillment enable vegans to have a positive outlook on life and future in general.

6. The Probable Financial Savings

Transitioning from an omnivore’s diet to a vegan diet could be budget friendly as well. True that, when someone asks why be vegan, this is certainly not the main reason you would get as an answer. But you can always consider this as a bonus from the animals and nature for going vegan.

The cost per gram of beef, milk & eggs is much higher compared to a gram of vegan options like oats, beans, lentils & chickpeas. This shows you don’t have to be rich to go vegan. All it takes is an inexpensive, well-planned diet to be a healthy vegan.

Did we mention the hospital bills you may save if you go vegan? Considering the number of health benefits a vegan lifestyle provides it is a saving a vegan should expect. Apart from that, there are broader & indirect environmental, social, and economic cost savings from reduced environmental damage and a healthy population.

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Final Thoughts

You have now learned many convincing reasons to go vegan and we presume you have understood all the parties affected by your decision and the gravity of it.  Do note that it’s never too late (if that thought ever occurred to you) to be vegan.

By doing so, not only you will refrain from animal cruelty and exploitation, you will also embrace many health benefits and reduce the environmental impact on the planet which can badly affect the future generation.

If there are plenty of vegan foods available without compromising taste & health, if animals have a right to live, if we can lessen or even reverse environmental damage and have a better conscience as moral beings, instead of asking, why go vegan, it’s about time we ask, why not?

If you need to know more about veganism, you can find many other aspects related to veganism by navigating our website menu.

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14 thoughts on “Why Go Vegan? Six Convincing Reasons To Be Vegan

  1. Hi,

    Proud meat eater here. But I’m constantly having wobbles these days. In the end it all comes down to the fact I like Meat. And really is that a good enough reason to allow the death and ill treatment of animals.

    I’m constantly leaning towards the answer of no these days. And the current environmental concerns sway me even more strongly. How can I be so indignant about governments inaction on climate change when I am contributing myself!

    But giving up is far from easy. I plan to go Vegetarian first. Small steps and all that, but meat products are just everywhere and in your face. I truly want to give up and your post really hammers that home but I know its going to be a struggle.

    Thanks for the great post, The Vegan Movement really has started getting its arguments in order these days.

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for your comment, compliments and truly value your sincerity which is the trigger point for going vegan in the first place. That is to say being bold, wise and sensitive enough to question our thoughts and deeds. It was so thrilling to see “I plan to go Vegetarian first” to say the least. 

      I myself was a vegetarian initially and then had to avoid dairy completely when I got to know the horrific atrocities committed by the billion dollar dairy industry day in, day out. For me it wasn’t a struggle, rather living as a peaceful, conscious soul. As a result you continue to radiate positive vibes which has far reaching implications.

      May you have all the strength and determination to start what you have planned and continue to seek the truth and do the right thing. 

      Here’s a helpful link for going vegan & staying vegan: How To Go Vegan And Stay Vegan Forever 


  2. I found this a really interesting read – a couple of my friends have recently gone vegan and I’m noticing a huge increase in the younger generation going vegan – as well as an increase in restaurants and cafes catering to it.

    You raise some really interesting points – I’d never thought about the financial benefits before. You’re right in that it is no longer a sacrifice there being so much more choice for vegans these days.

    It’s been in the back of my mind for a while and I’m finding that I’m naturally gravitating towards a more and more vegan diet anyway!

    1. Hey Louise, thanks for leaving a comment here. Great knowing that you are gradually leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. Glad that we’ve raised an awareness on the financial benefits as well which you found interesting, though we will embrace it only as a side benefit as the primary reason for many being the suffering of animals. Any help you need is just a message away. May you have all the wisdom and strength to evolve on any initiations you’ve taken. 

  3. I certainly see the benefit of going vegan with my father. He’s been on this diet for 4 years now and the last time he was at the cardiologist, the doctor said that he has a heart of a 40 year old (he’s currently 79).

    We couldn’t have been more pleased and accepting that vegetarian has done him a lot of good. In comparison to my mom who is a diabetic, yup the medical fee part is very true.

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad to know your father has reaped the true health benefits of a plant-based diet. Actually, you can even do better with health if you start such a diet as soon as you can. 

      Since your mom is a diabetic here is some info to consider:

      Amazingly, studies have shown that vegan diets reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics even better than the diets recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Apart from that vegans may also have the potential to reduce their insulin intake due to improved insulin sensitivity.

      So if your mom can adopt a vegan diet there is everything to gain. 

      Here’s wishing you and your loved ones abundance of good health!

  4. You’re really convincing and it also pains me that animals have to suffer for our conveniences and pleasure. They do have feelings as well and experience fear and lots of pain.. For the past few months we stopped buying meat and just resorted to seafood with an addition of fruits and veggies. We still can’t get ourselves to become vegetarian or vegan but we’re also doing our part to save the lives of many farm and livestock animals who don’t have proper lives and suffer more than their aquatic counterparts. I really do hope that nanotechnology will progress faster so we can make any viable resource without inflicting pain and fear on animals. :'( I really do hope so.. I didn’t even know about the violation of labor laws when it comes to livestock.. this is really heartbreaking..

    1. Thanks Irischelle, for sharing your thoughts. Great to know that y’all are consciously making an effort to reduce demand for animals products. Actually, aquatic creatures too suffer a painful death with suffocation though this is not a question about the ability of an animal to suffer or not. But about the right, we have to exploit another sentient being. 

      As you said let’s hope cultured meat will be developed to the extent of being commercialized without any harm to animals & repercussions. But till then there are plenty of delicious meat substitutes to choose.  

      1. I know aquatic animals suffer too. 🙁 I’m not even sure if we can go completely vegan but I salute you for being vegan yourself as it is kind of a big commitment but so worth it..

        1. Thanks Irischelle, actually if you look at it closely, the amount of meat, cheese, milk & egg substitutes available, and a bit of knowledge how creative you can be with plant foods, the commitment is not as big as you may imagine it to be. That’s why it was the first point I emphasized in this article. Keep up the efforts of yours and see where you can make gradual improvements.

  5. I was in two minds when it came to going vegan or not and honestly I’m still not able to decide if I should go Vegan.
    I do love eating meat sometimes which is once in 15 days or so but I don’t know if I’m ready to not eat meat at all. It takes a lot of commitment and what if I couldn’t stay away from it and eat meat once in a while?

    1. Hi Shrey, thanks for leaving your comments here. First of all, I applaud your honesty and willingness which form a basis to go vegan. As I always say veganism is not about being perfect, rather doing our best to limit as much as possible the harm we cause to animals and environment.  

      Look at it in this way, you don’t say I will not even attempt the exam, since I will not score 100 out of 100 right? You attempt it and do your best. Every small contribution you make is worthy of appreciation and has far reaching impact. I myself didn’t become a vegan at once. Initially, I went vegetarian and with more knowledge and time, I gradually avoided consuming all animal products. For me, of course, knowing the exploitation of animals was enough to make the transition.   

      As you say in your case, start with something which you’re comfortable with as a stepping stone towards an ultimate goal like going vegan. By the way, don’t forget that there are so many meat alternatives currently which can easily & deliciously replace meat. Here’s an article for 13 tasty meat substitutes>>…   


  6. The vegan lifestyle has gained so much attention and many are turning to this lifestyle because of the many benefits that are involved. I myself have done some research and have also written an article on this type of lifestyle.

    The reasons that you have written down as why one should become vegan is awesome.

    1. Thanks Norman and glad to know you’ve done some research on such lifestyles. 

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