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Hey everyone, I am Dishan.

I was a vegetarian initially and then became a vegan.

The great benefits I’ve enjoyed, the knowledge I’ve gained with a passion to help others, aspired me to create this website.

Being a vegan has three distinct benefits—no harm to animals, there are obvious health benefits, and lessens the damage to the environment. Couldn’t be better right?

Just to give you a bit of background…

Eight years ago, as I was beginning to become more aware of our impact on animals there were many times I thought of following a plant-based diet, but the transition was not solid and was not consistent due to a lack of knowledge.

Then there was a life-changing moment. I was at a local market and saw a truck filled with containers which were crammed with chickens. I know these birds are called ‘broilers’ like how humans were once called ‘slaves’ during the slave trade era considering them as mere property.

No space to spread their wings or move and were gasping for breath. This moment gave me a chance to see up-close the most abused animal on the planet. I felt their fear & misery. Looking at their eyes told me a profound story.

What struck me was just one question: “what right do we have to kill these innocent animals and take their lives”. Frankly, there was no answer.

So there you have it, my light-bulb moment of deciding to become a vegetarian initially and then a vegan later since I didn’t know much about the abusive dairy industry at the time.

It was crystal clear to me that we have no right to inflict pain and take another sentient being’s life by force just to gratify our taste. This is why our website has a black & white theme since we believe there’s nothing gray about going vegan.

Setting Myself Free…

You may ask how can you be free when you’re restricting yourself from eating meat and to a certain lifestyle? Actually, it had something to do with the way I felt after making that all-important change.

It’s true that I had all the freedom in the world to consume all sorts of animal products and indulge myself. But true freedom is felt when our conscience is free. It was a moment of breaking mental shackles and respecting the freedom of all sentient beings.

Let me just emphasize that being vegan is not about constantly checking how perfect we’re, but it’s about doing our best with integrity! Irrespective of whether you become vegan overnight, or doing it at your own pace, what matters is our attitude and effort!

Now that I am vegan and this site being dedicated to vegans, I can assure you to find motivational, practical & valuable content for all (even if you’re a would-be vegan or a vegetarian)

My intention is to bring you facts, information, and recommendations making your vegan journey easy, exciting & fulfilling without making it any harder. Our content is well researched and based on verified sources (especially content related to vegan health).

Knowing there are enough vegan foods & alternatives to pursue a satisfying vegan lifestyle, our job of recommending you countless vegan options has become much easier. Not only you can get all the nutrients, but you don’t have to compromise on taste as well.

If you find anything that captures your attention & interests you, please do get involved within the site. Your involvement and feedback will give it a boost and keep it going!

Just a few other things about myself, my professional education was in management & finance (CIMA-UK) and my other interests are performing & visual arts, fashion, sports bikes & cars, travel, meditation, health, and the list goes on…

Should you need any help, you can always reach us via my email below or the ‘contact’ page.

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Here’s wishing you a great vegan journey and thanks for your interest!


Founder – Vegan Universal™

Email: info@veganuniversal.com

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