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25 Best Vegan Restaurants on the Planet to Indulge!

Veganism no doubt is one of planet’s fastest growing lifestyle trends!

Still, at times it may be a tricky situation on vegan food encounters at your typical restaurant that could offer little in the way of vegan food options.

But no worries, because it’s time to introduce you to 25 great vegan restaurants the planet has to offer!

We looked at some of the top vegan restaurants across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany, beginning with their history of success through accolades and customer reviews. We took into account the range of vegan food options on offer, cost, restaurant features, and ambiance.

Don’t be anxious if you see menu options such as crab, chicken, ice cream or cheese in some of the restaruants—these vegan restaurants are just exercising their creative license or adding some pun to it! If you see oysters listed, chances are they’re talking about oyster mushrooms! All the items are 100% vegan!

So what are you waiting for? Tuck in!

Vegan Restaurants–USA

1. Candle 79—New York, USA

Candle 79—New York, USA - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Boasting a beautiful duplex setting, Candle 79 has become the hang out of choice for celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, and even Paul McCartney, and it’s easy enough to see why! All their vegan cuisine is locally sourced and organic, with the charming tagline, ‘from local farm to table’.

Even the drinks are organic, with their own eco-liquor, organic wine and cocktail bar. As if all this wasn’t enough, Candle 79 received the ultimate feather in their cap as being the only vegan restaurant to receive a review from former New York Times restaurant critic, Frank Bruni. He wrote, “Candle 79 showed me the light!”

Location map >> Candle 79

2.Plant Vegan Restaurant—North Carolina, USA

Plant Vegan Restaurant—North Carolina, USA - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

It has a reputation for creative and innovative plant-based, organic dishes. They are also notable for their appreciation and deep commitment to the local culture & community with concern for the environment, overall health, and an ethical lifestyle.

For this reason, they give local vendors preference and stick to organic, seasonal produce wherever possible, as well as promoting the health and longevity benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.

Plant Vegan Restaurant serves local brews, craft cocktails as well as organic and ‘biodynamic’ wines, all in a chic and trendy setting that makes every effort to give back to the local community.

Location map >> Plant Vegan Restaurant

3. Ethos Vegan Kitchen—Florida, USA

Ethos Vegan Kitchen—Florida, USA - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

If you’re looking for hearty, satisfying and comforting home-style cooking, then look no further than Ethos Vegan Kitchen, situated just north of Orlando in historic Winter Park. Their hearty menu covers all the solid basics from light meals and sandwiches to pasta, pizza, main dishes, soups, salads, and even a kid’s menu—all 100% vegan!

They also have a great on-site vegan bakery with goodies baked fresh daily, as well as offering a full collection of vegan beer and wine.

Location map >> Ethos Vegan Kitchen

4. Plum Vegan Bistro—Washington, USA

Plum Vegan Bistro—Washington, USA - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Plum Vegan Bistro is on a mission, not just to make veganism accessible to everyone, but has an emphasis on their beliefs and forward-thinking as well. They use their delicious vegan menus to open people’s eyes to the possibilities of a meatless way of living provides.

Good old-fashioned American favorites serve as the inspiration for their menu, and from there they innovate to bring you some really unique flavors that are bound to stir your emotions and palate! Their bold flavors and sophisticated dishes are as commendable as their commitment to protecting animals and the planet.

Oh, they have a lovely food truck as well!

Location map >> Plum Vegan Bistro

5. Crossroads—California, USA

Crossroads Restaurant—California, USA - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

As the name suggests, the standout feature of this sophisticated vegan restaurant is that it’s a place where vegans, flexitarians, and even omnivores can dine in peace at the same intersection crossing paths, without a hint of what’s missing!

Their creative menu is so skillfully done that many people don’t even notice that the restaurant is entirely plant-based! They serve Mediterranean inspired meals in an upscale setting with sophisticated lighting, and of course, a full bar with vegan cocktails.

The name really sums it up, a place where people can come together and enjoy a delicious meal and a great time together, whatever path they have chosen to get them there.  It is Crossroads’ belief that great food is for all!

Location map >> Crossroads

Vegan Restaurants–United Kingdom

1. 222 Veggie Vegan – London, United Kingdom

222 Veggie Vegan - London, United Kingdom - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Veggie Vegan has been around since 2004, and has earned its spot as one of London’s favorite vegan restaurants. Their food is not just filling and delicious, but also some of the healthiest around. Made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, the menu is low fat, low salt, Non-GMO and organic wherever possible.

When you’re here, you’re in for some top-notch nutrition. Nothing is ever deep fried or microwaved here!

They’re also willing to accommodate special dietary requirements, so you can rest assured of receiving that personal touch. And if you’re a member of the UK Vegan Society, they’ll even give you a 10% discount. Another reassurance of their commitment towards a vegan lifestyle.

Location map >> Veggie Vegan

2. Samphire Brasserie—Devon, UK

Samphire Brasserie—Devon, UK - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Owned by Head Chef Joe Wadge and Manager, Becca Speare, Samphire Brasserie was established in 2013, and their menu is designed to follow the local produce and the seasons, while showcasing innovative and modern vegan cuisine Devon and Cornwall have to offer.

All meals are made fresh to order with local ingredients wherever possible, and they’re happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements as well.

Location map >> Samphire Brasserie

3. Black Cat Café—London, UK

Black Cat Café—London, UK - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

If you’re looking for a tasty vegan snack on the go, then Black Cat is the place to find delicious vegan sausage rolls, samosas, cakes, milkshakes, tasty Zapatista coffee, as well as main meals and other snacks.

Situated in Hackney, London, Black Cat Café is a 100% vegan cooperatively run space, and also has lots of tempting treats for sale like vegan chocolates, vegan cheese, faux meat, tofu, tempeh, Club Mate and Fritz Kola (vegan soft drinks from Germany).

Location map >> Black Cat

4. El Piano—North Yorkshire, UK

El Piano—North Yorkshire, UK - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Founded way back in 1997, the award-winning El Piano was serving plant-based, gluten-free food made with organic, local ingredients long before it was famous! Their food is also well known for being free from all nuts and seeds except for sesame, and also free from refined sugars. To take advantage of locally grown produce, they even alter their menu at least every six months.

Phone or email to book your table or even stay overnight, and they also offer parties and corporate catering.

Location map >> El Piano

5. PickyWops—London, UK

PickyWops—London, UK - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

If you enjoy making your own custom pizza, then this is a vegan stop for you. At PickyWops you get to start off with choosing your dough (pizza base) from the surprising range of flavors, colors, and textures on offer, and then you can go wild with your toppings!

There’s a real sense of family and community at this place. The owners take real pride in their ancestors’ (the Wops) heritage, while looking to transform that into something everyone enjoys, making sure all are having a great time!

Location map >> PickyWops

Vegan Restaurants–Canada

1. Lettuce Love Café—Ontario, Canada

Lettuce Love Café—Ontario, Canada - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Taking the title of Canada’s first 100% gluten-free vegan restaurant, this award-winning restaurant also happens to provide some of Burlington’s healthiest vegan food. Organic and locally grown ingredients are used wherever possible to prepare their daily dishes.

Their passion behind the business is quite obvious, considering the values on the well-being of the community, animals and the planet.

Lettuce Love Cafe is located in a charming patio setting in close proximity to the idyllic waterfront, lending itself to the ultimate relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Location map >> Lettuce Love Cafe

2. Aux Vivres— Québec, Canada

Aux Vivres— Québec, Canada - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

With an inspired menu that’s packed full of flavor, remaining healthy, filling and satisfying, Aux Vivres aims to change minds and hearts about vegan food while debunking the myths. Their dishes are designed not just to be more environmentally friendly, but tastier and healthier than conventionally grown or imported food.

They source their food locally from Québec farmers, helping to sustain the local food economy and provide a living for farmers who opt not to go the GMO route. Note that their dishes are free from unnatural preservatives too.

Location map >> Aux Vivres

3. Fresh On Spadina—Ontario, Canada

Fresh On Spadina—Ontario, Canada - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Located in Toronto, this vegan restaurant offers both eat-in & takeaway vegan options. Their delicious range of raw, organic and cold-pressed juices from their gourmet made to order juice bar is something truly special. From the start, they’ve aimed to demonstrate that a vegan diet can be revitalizing, energizing and totally craveable!

All their food is made from scratch daily with whole natural ingredients, and include something to satisfy every kind of hunger. Fresh On Spadina serves from traditional classics like burgers with fries and onion rings, to a host of healthy options including kale, quinoa salads, steamed greens, rice bowls and grilled tofu. From the juice bar, options like fresh carrot, spinach juice, green smoothies and deep chocolate power shakes are just some popular options.

Location map >> Fresh On Spadina

4. Meet In Gastown – British Columbia, Canada

Meet In Gastown - British Columbia, Canada - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

With their playful name that puns on ‘meat’, this restaurant sets the tone for an inviting and casual space meant to make sure everyone feels like being part of the action.

Best of all, Meet In Gastown extends this theme to their prices, making sure everyone from the community can afford to be part of the community vibe and enjoy their quality dishes while no one is left out.

Location map >> Meet In Gastown

5. En Vie A Vegan Kitchen—Nova Scotia, Canada

en Vie A Vegan Kitchen—Nova Scotia, Canada - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Envie A Vegan Kitchen has the honor of being Halifax’s first fully licensed vegan restaurant. They specialize in catering to those with specific dietary restrictions like nuts, gluten, and soy allergies, meaning no one has to miss out!

Located in the heart of Halifax’s north end on the corner of Agricola & Charles, all their key ingredients such as beans, grains, and seeds are organic and GMO-free. All food is sourced locally and organic whenever possible by the owners, Diandra Phipps, Cory Urquhart, and executive chef Lauren Marshall.

They also offer cooking classes, juice cleanses and catering for events. If you’re in a hurry or want to stock up for the week, make sure to check out their ToGo fridge where they offer a range of vegan packaged meals, homemade vegan cheese, seitan, and other specialty items!

Their passionate team aims to bring you the finest modern vegan cuisine in Atlantic Canada.

Location map >> Envie A Vegan Kitchen

Vegan Restaurants–Australia

1. Smith & Daughters—Victoria, Australia

Smith and Daughters—Victoria, Australia - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

When Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse decided they wanted to create delicious food without harming a single animal, Smith & Daughters was born! All their meals are 100% plant-based and organic as well wherever possible.

Located in the historic bluestone corner property on Brunswick Street, these gals have a flair for Latin cuisine with colorful highlights from Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and Spain. Their weekend brunches, coffee, sweets and takeaway options are worth exploring!

Location map >> Smith and Daughters

2. Bodhi Restaurant (Bodhi In The Park)—New South Wales, Australia

Bodhi Restaurant—New South Wales, Australia - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

This award-winning vegan restaurant specializes in vegan yum cha and Pan-Asian cuisine prepared by some of the very best Asian Chefs of Sydney, and they pioneered the field! First established in 1988, wine lovers will delight in their carefully selected wine list from Australia’s finest organic and bio-dynamic growers, specially picked to complement their freshly prepared meals sourced from local organic growers wherever possible.

The setting has a unique outdoors feel, situated under the giant Moreton Bay fig trees in tranquil parkland. This venue is as good for the soul as their food is for the body! Bodhi Restaurant makes every effort to conduct their business as ethical, environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

If you’re looking for that special setting for your corporate event, party, wedding, special functions or even an intimate dinner—this is a venue you can count on which can hold up to 300 people.

Location map >> Bodhi Restaurant

3. Elixiba—Queensland, Australia

Elixiba—Queensland, Australia - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

If you’re looking for that once in a lifetime dining experience, then this is a place to look forward to! Elixiba Restaurant and Bar serve food and drinks that come with some rare ingredients, custom-brewed and distilled with herbs, healthy superfoods, along with a smattering of intriguing active botanicals in their alcoholic drinks.

All the meals on offer are plant-based, gluten-free and made from scratch in their low-allergy kitchen, which emphasizes on taste, health, locally sourced organic ingredients, and most importantly, good vibes!

Make sure to give the smokehouse sliders with ‘pulled pork’ made from jackfruit a try, or indulge your senses with the Salad of Glory made from edible leaves and flowers with a hibiscus balsamic dressing. Besides that, they also serve unique non-alcoholic herbal elixirs that offer relaxing, mood enhancing, invigorating, and even aphrodisiac effects!

Best of all, via the Buy One Give One ‘Business for Good’ initiative, you’re supporting humanitarian and ecological projects for positive change every time you visit Elixiba. They are making a difference, well, in a truly different way!

Location map >> Elixiba Restaurant and Bar

4. Loving Hut—Queensland, Australia

Loving Hut—Queensland, Australia - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Loving Hut is an international chain of vegan restaurants with the philosophy, “Be green, kind & healthy.” Awarded a “5 stars—Excellent Performer” which is the highest rating from the Brisbane City Council in the Eat Safe Brisbane Food Safety Rating Scheme, you can expect to get some of the best fares on offer.

When you visit Loving Hut not only you get a menu made from 100% plant-based ingredients, but you’re supporting their vision for a world where all the animals getting along in peace, love, and harmony.

Location map >> Loving Hut

5. Power Plant – Victoria, Australia

Power Plant Restaurant - Victoria, Australia - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Whatever you fancy, be it gluten-free, raw or low FODMAP food, you’ll find it at Power Plant! Food critic Matt Holden described it as ‘bright’, ‘pampering’ and ‘great value’ and it’s easy to see why.

They offer delicious, nourishing plant-based breakfasts and lunches both in their sunlit dining room and under the shaded balcony, where kids and even your pets are welcomed! Located close to Templestowe Village in the Westerfolds Sports Complex, they also have two in-house bakers ready for freshly made cakes to tempt your palates.

Specialty dishes like their Smashed Avo with house-made almond feta breakfast and seasonal burgers with triple-cooked fries provide the ultimate comfort food without any guilt. They cater for events and functions too. It’s all about delicious, healthy food in a gorgeous setting!

Location map >> Power Plant

Vegan Restaurants–Germany

1. The Bowl—Berlin, Germany

The Bowl—Berlin, Germany - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

The Bowl offers a lot of variety and flavor in a wide range of decadent vegan dishes, with a beautiful presentation made with fresh natural ingredients that are free from gluten and refined sugars.

Further, If you like to broaden your vegan experience, there is a lovely opportunity to partake in some vegan shoe shopping and check out the local vegan supermarket nearby!

Location map >> The Bowl

2. Max Pett – Bavaria, Germany

Max Pett - Bavaria, Germany - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Now you don’t have to eat a schnitzel to blend into Munich having embraced a vegan lifestyle! This vegan restaurant takes as much pride in the presentation of their wide ranges of vegan meals, raw cakes, and ‘veganized’ versions of all your favorite dishes as they do with their quality ingredients.

Friendly staff, a great atmosphere, and some amazing desserts round off an amazing experience.

Just make sure to take some cash as Max Pett only accepts cash, and no credit cards, at the time of posting this article.

Location map >> Max Pett

3. Soy—Berlin, Germany

Soy—Berlin, Germany - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

Soy takes pride in their carefully selected ingredients and spices, all of which are free from artificial dyes or flavor enhancers. You can opt for a large single dish, or create your own dining experience by taking your pick from their wide variety of side dishes—it’s all up to you!

Most of the ingredients are organic, and Soy also boasts a good selection of vegan beverages, including wines, and shakes.

Location map >> Soy

4. My Heart Beats Vegan—Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

My Heart Beats Vegan—Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

With fast, friendly service, and their range of comfort foods like burgers, sweet potato fries, cakes, cupcakes and homemade lemonade made fresh, this vegan restaurant offers great food in a comfortable setting that even omnivores are sure to enjoy!

Their pasta and fresh salads are also great value for money, and you’re bound to find something filling and satisfying whatever you prefer. Excellent service and beautiful décor make for an inviting and relaxing dining experience at My Heart Beats Vegan!

Location map >> My Heart Beats Vegan

5. Past & Future—North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Past & Future—North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - best vegan restaurants, top vegan restaurants, vegan restaurant guide

A great way to introduce your non-vegan friends to more plant-based options is through a popular vegan buffet which gets a lot of praise and shows the art of vegan cuisine! Since their grand reopening in 2014, they now provide a convenient delivery service called vega-taxi ( as well, to go along with their new looks.

Past & Future puts great emphasis on cooking with creativity, attention to detail, and doing it in the healthy plant-powered way!

Location map >> Past & Future

Best Vegan Restaurants

Last Thoughts

What’s your firsthand experience with vegan restaurants and what menu items you’ve tried? Know any other great vegan restaurants that should have made the list?

Please do let us know in the comments below!

If you’re interested, take a look at another related post on vegan eating out (a guide to picking vegan options in any restaurant)!


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