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10 Famous Farm Animal Sanctuaries in USA to Visit

Famous Farm Animal Sanctuaries in USA to Visit

The disconnect between the animal products people see packaged in supermarkets and the living creatures those products originated from is an unfortunate prevalence. 

Few may give a moment’s thought to the chicken that laid those eggs, the cow that produced milk or the horrific conditions they lived under. 

This is why farm animal sanctuaries can be so important and can play a pivotal role enabling us to make that all-important connection into the world of farm animals. 

By giving visitors the chance to interact with farm animals, they help us see them for who they are – living, breathing creatures in their own right which can help in changing attitudes, rather than seeing them as a product to be consumed.  

The animals you’ll encounter at the below sanctuaries are truly fortunate – creatures who’ve been rescued from slaughterhouses, torment, neglect, and abandonment. 

Whether you’re visiting these sanctuaries as a couple, family with kids or with your friends (can be life-changing for non-vegans), it would be a wonderful experience to get up-close to see how amazing & sentient these animals are to realize how much they deserve life & freedom as much as we do. 

What Made Us Select These Popular Farm Animal Sanctuaries?

Aside from actively advocating a vegan diet and helping people transition to a more ethical, and compassionate way of life, many of the rescue centers and sanctuaries listed here are accredited with 3rd parties, have an excellent reputation with many positive reviews online. They’re located across several states in the USA and run meaningful educational programs.

While we’ve made every effort to give up to date information, please check the relevant sanctuary’s website (links given) before you visit to avoid disappointment. Sanctuaries may have health & safety standards, details about food & beverages, clothing & footwear requirements, specific payment methods (cash only payments) and other dos & don’ts, to safeguard you, the animals and the sanctuary which can be found in the FAQ/tours section.  

Read on to see how each sanctuary can have its own personality with their animal residents, sanctuary staff, the environment & landscape providing you with a unique experience full of compassion, warmth, friendship, knowledge, and fulfillment! 

1) Farm Sanctuary – New York & California:

Farm Sanctuary – New York & California

Founded in 1986, Farm Sanctuary is one of the largest farm animal sanctuaries in the US and has provided a safe haven for thousands of rescued farm animals. Their shelters in New York and LA offer tours, shelter events, overnight accommodation, group/school educational programs, and vegan restaurants (or bring your own vegan food for a nice picnic!).

They are also highly active in promoting large-scale institutional reforms through their advocacy efforts. You can support their amazing work by visiting the shelters, having a sponsorship, handing out flyers in your neighborhood, or becoming an intern or volunteer.

Quick info:

  • Farm Sanctuary is home to rescued calves & cows, sheep & lambs, goats, pigs, turkeys, and chickens 
  • Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization
  • Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
  • 275-acre sanctuary in upstate New York and 26-acre sanctuary in Southern California
  • New York shelter open to the public between May and October, California sanctuary is open year-round with tours starting at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm 
  • Website: 
  • Directions: 

2) Catskill Animal Sanctuary – New York

Catskill Animal Sanctuary – New York

More than 5,000 animals have found refuge at Catskill Animal Sanctuary since their first rescue in 2001 – a pony named Dino who survived a terrible barn fire. As donations have come in, the facility has expanded to cover 150 acres while being accredited to become one of the best animal sanctuaries in the US and offer several educational programs, including Compassionate Cuisine, Camp Kindness, and the New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program.

Support them by becoming a member, sponsoring an animal, volunteering your time, (learning valuable skills along the way!) making a donation, or booking a stay at their beautiful guesthouse.    

Quick info: 

  • Home to 300 farm animals representing 11 different species 
  • 501c3 charitable organization
  • Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, and BBB 
  • 150 acres 
  • Open to the general public on weekends from April through November, and year-round for members, guests staying at The Homestead, and groups of 10 or more.  
  • Website: 
  • Location: 316 Old Stage Road, Saugerties, NY | Google maps (photos included) 

3) Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – New York

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – New York

Starting from nothing but an unfenced hayfield, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary now boasts two large barns, five spacious chicken coops, a duck and goose shed & pond, two cattle sheds, and even a small animal hospital. They provide love, care, and shelter for 400 animals, and help to re-home another 150 each year.

They help educate visitors on the impact of animal agriculture on the animals, our health and the planet and how to adopt a vegan lifestyle. They are always looking for volunteers to help clean barns, work in the office, or hand out literature. Besides visiting, you can make a donation, sponsor them through Amazon Smile, stay at the charming Gray Barn, become a member, intern, or Pasture Partner

Quick Info: 

  • Home to chickens, cows, rabbits, ducks, sheep, pigs, goats, turkeys and more!
  • 150 acres
  • Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
  • 501(c)(3) charity organization 
  • Open to the public between April through October over weekends, available year-round to volunteers and Gray Barn guests 
  • Website: 
  • Location: 2 Rescue Road, High Falls, NY | Google maps (photos included) 

4) Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary – Maryland

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary – Maryland

Founded in 1996, and situated in an idyllic 400-acre large natural setting overlooking the Potomac River, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary is home to both rescued farm animals and some free-ranging wild inhabitants!

Group tours are offered every morning except Wednesdays, but please make a reservation beforehand. Individuals and families can usually be incorporated into weekend tours by prior arrangement. Tours last about an hour and will include the chance to meet and feed the animals, learn their names and hear their stories, and pet, play with and hold some of the smaller residents! 

Because the sanctuary is run entirely on donations from the public, financial support is always welcome. You can donate, sponsor an animal, or consider contributing items from their wish list, and make sure to buy a souvenir from the gift shop during your visit.

Quick info:

  • Home to more than 200 rescued animals including horses, mules, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and turkeys
  • Non-profit refuge
  • 400 acres
  • Tours and visits by appointment 
  • Website:
  • Location: 15200 Mount Nebo Rd M, Poolesville, MD | Google maps (photos included)

5) Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary – Norton, Massachusetts

Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary – Norton, Massachusetts

Open to the public since 1997, Winslow Farm is home to a diverse range of animals with its unique setting (including kid’s playgrounds), making it one of the top-most visited animal sanctuaries. 

It has farm animals and some other residents you wouldn’t usually associate with farm sanctuaries such as rescued alpacas, llamas, and even some emus! If you ever wonder how non-farm animals took residence at this place you can read their stories here

Educational events and tours are a specialty, and the sanctuary is always in need of volunteers and donations. You can support them by volunteering your time to help care for the animals, by shopping through Amazon Smile or donating items from their wish list. 

Every animal here has a name and a story to tell and if you’re looking for a sanctuary with farm animals and many other wild animals then this would be an ideal place to visit! 

Quick info:

  • Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary is home to almost 200 rescued farm and domestic animals, including chickens, ducks, geese, goats, pigs, sheep, horses, peacocks, peahens, emus, pigeons, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, dogs, cats, doves, rabbits, tortoises. 
  • Open to the public, please email to find out about volunteer opportunities and tours 
  • Website:
  • Location: 37 Eddy Street, Norton, MA | Google maps (photos included)

6) Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge (The Refuge) – Pittsboro, North Carolina

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge (The Refuge) – Pittsboro, North Carolina

Founded in 2012, Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is a growing sanctuary for rescued farm animals, with a special interest in promoting a vegan lifestyle. They even offer a ‘veganize your recipe’ service on their website! 

They offer guided sanctuary tours, and several educational programs including cooking classes, food samplings, and bake sales. 

There are a number of ways to support their work, and help them accomplish their goal of expanding the sanctuary to house rescued pigs and cows. 

Quick info:

  • Home to chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, goats, and sheep
  • 20 acres
  • Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries 
  • Guided tours lasting about an hour and a half offered every Monday and Wednesday at 11 am, Saturday at 3 pm, and on some Sundays. Please book via their website
  • Website:
  • Location: 7236 NC Hwy 87 N, Pittsboro, NC |  Google maps (photos included)

7) The Gentle Barn – California / Tennessee / Missouri

The Gentle Barn - California / Tennessee / Missouri

From just a half-acre property in 1999, the Gentle Barn has since grown to cover three locations in Missouri, Tennessee, and California, and saved thousands of animals over the years. For founder Ellie Laks, it’s been her dream since she was 7 years old!

Aside from their amazing work with animals, the Gentle Barn also runs incredible programs for At-Risk Youth. By bringing children and animals together who have suffered abuse and neglect, this has provided an environment to form instant and often life-changing connections. 

You can support them by donating, sponsoring an animal, becoming a member, or purchasing through Amazon Smile. They are always in need of volunteers, especially on Sundays. 

Quick info:

  • Sanctuary to 170 chickens, turkeys, emus, and domestic birds, goats, sheep, cows, horses, llamas, donkeys, pigs, and dogs. 
  • 501(c)(3) charity organization
  • Each location is opened once a week to the public, and every day for private tours by prior arrangement. School trips, birthday parties, and special needs groups are also welcomed.
  • Website:
  • Locations
    • Los Angeles, California / Google maps (photos included) 
    • Nashville, Tennessee / Google maps (photos included) 
    • St Louis, Missouri / Google maps (photos included) 

8) Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary – Gilbert, Arizona

Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary – Gilbert, Arizona

Founder Aimee Takaha created her sanctuary as a place where victims of trauma, animal, and human, could come together to help each other. They frequently work with accident survivors, autistic children and the elderly. 

One of their primary focuses is on matching animals with individuals who are able to adopt them and give them a permanent home. 

You can support them by making donations to help cover the costs of food and shelter, veterinary care, surgeries, and equipment. 

Quick Info:

  • Home to rescued and abandoned horses, donkeys, alpacas, pigs, goats, cows, ducks, sheep and more
  • Adoption-focused, aiming to find forever homes for their farm animals 
  • Visits available over the weekend by appointment
  • Website:
  • Location: Google maps (photos included)

9) Kindred Spirits Sanctuary – Citra, Florida

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary – Citra, Florida

With 170 permanent residents, (including Owen the blind cow, ‘Piggie Smalls’ and Butterscotch the wheelchair goat!) Kindred Spirits is on a mission to end the suffering of farm animals through rescue, advocacy, and education. 

Attending a ‘work party’ is a great way to meet the animals and learn some valuable skills, and includes a nice free vegan lunch in return for your hard work! 

The center also runs a monthly vegan potluck event. You can also support by making a donation on their website through Paypal. 

Quick info:

  • Kindred Spirits is home to rescued goats, cows, pigs, chickens, donkeys, horses, sheep and turkeys
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • 74 acres
  • Free public tours available every 3rd Wednesday of the month, Saturday tours and special events listed on their website
  • Website:
  • Location: 1411 E. Hwy 329, Citra, FL 32113 | Google maps (photos included)

10) Indraloka Animal Sanctuary – Mehoopany, Pennsylvania

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary – Mehoopany, Pennsylvania

With more than 300 animals in their care, Indraloka is in the exciting stages of moving to a larger property over three times the size of their current one. 

That’s great news for the pigs, goats, sheep, cows, birds, cats, and many other creatures that depend on them – but it also means a substantial requirement for funds! 

Support their efforts by making a donation or sponsoring an animal, or via Amazon Smile, ResQWalk app or eBay Charity. 

You can sign up for a tour via their website to pay a visit, and also various volunteer and internship positions are available. 

You can see a great selection of videos on their website to get a feel about the sanctuary and get to know the stories of the amazing animals they have. 

Quick info:

  • All-species sanctuary, but with a primary focus on farm animals 
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization
  • Accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
  • Size: about to get a whole lot bigger! 
  • 2-hour tours available (sign up via the website)
  • Website:
  • Location: Mehoopany, Pennsylvania | Google maps (photos included)

All of the above sanctuaries do an amazing job of giving a voice, home, and a better life to creatures who cannot speak for themselves. 

Having known one of the darkest sides of humanity, it’s quite difficult to imagine what it must be like for these innocent creatures to finally find themselves a safe, warm, and a loving environment.

Whether you intend in meeting and have a great time with these animals or to volunteer and offer support, we believe visiting some of the most popular farm animal sanctuaries we’ve mentioned here is a memorable experience not to be missed!

So pick your sanctuary, make an arrangement to visit and let us know your thoughts in the comments below about the whole experience you’ve had!


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