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10 Vegan Christmas Gifts for Vegans & Non-Vegans (Adults & Kids)

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Vegans, Non-vegans, Adults & Kids

When Christmas is around the corner one thing comes to mind. “What am I going to gift my loved ones & friends?”

If they happened to be vegan, you may just wonder the kind of vegan Christmas gifts that would bring joy & excitement to them.

This can be other way around as well, you being a vegan thinking of vegan Christmas presents for non-vegans.

So here we have compiled a list of vegan gift ideas for Christmas to make your life much easier.  

While most of the gifts listed here can suit vegans, there are some that can be gifted to non-vegans, adults or kids alike giving you plenty of choices.

With thoughtful gifts, not only you’re adding color, exhilaration, and warmth to your loved one’s or friend’s world, your gesture may just inspire them to go vegan or continue as vegans forever!

1) Vegan & Christmas Themed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

While vegans cherish ethical values they would also love showing that they’re living proof of them.

This is why vegan t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are some of the best gifts vegans would love having which enable them to spread a message of compassion and healthy living with style.

Vegan & Christmas Themed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Vegan & Christmas Themed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Vegan & Christmas Themed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Vegan & Christmas Themed T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies - Vegan Christmas Gifts

2) Books with Vegan & Christmas Themes

We all know the impact books can have on our souls.

Therefore presenting a well-written book with an important message during Christmas can have a lasting impression.

We have listed two highly rated & acclaimed story books for children (many adults have equally enjoyed them as well) and a book for adults.

For Children

Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

Santa's First Vegan Christmas - Vegan Christmas Gifts

This is a beautifully written book with amazing graphics and a story to experience the holiday with love, peace, and compassion!

Now we don’t want to spoil the excitement by telling the story, but in short, it is about a journey by Santa and reindeer Dana who keep it true to the spirit of the season extending freedom & joy for all beings!

It’s a book that will appeal to both children and parents alike!

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most beloved children’s books of all time.

The protagonists of the story are a little girl named Fern, a little pig named Wilbur and Wilbur’s dear friend Charlotte A. Cavatica a beautiful large grey spider.

With well written & highly engaging characters, and wonderful & detailed pictures, it’s a book both kids and adults can fall in love with.  

For Adults

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy PhD

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy PhD - Vegan Christmas Gifts

In this groundbreaking book, Melanie Joy investigates the invisible system which has greatly influenced the way many perceive meat and how a majority have succumbed to the idea of loving some animals as pets and eat others with no hesitation. She calls this system as ‘carnism’.   

What’s special about this book unlike many others is that rather than explaining why we should stop eating meat, it explains why we eat meat and thus how we can be more informed citizens and question the ethicality of our choices as consumers.

3) Vegan Cookbooks for Christmas

Whether someone is new to vegan diets or trying to experiment new recipes these vegan cookbooks are a perfect gift to get seasoned in vegan cooking.

Irrespective of your gift recipient being a vegan or not these cookbooks can always be a good bet, for anyone looking to add variety or healthy meals to their diet.

The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook - Vegan Christmas Gifts

This is a large, colorful cookbook with more than 250 recipes divided into 17 festive holidays by the bestselling author Isa Chandra Moskowitz proving that easy, scrumptious vegan food can suit any festive occasion and can be fun to make.   

Whether you’re an omnivore trying to please your vegan friends or a vegan trying to cheer your non-vegan friends there are many exciting and flavorful recipes/dishes to make everyone delighted.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

The Oh She Glows Cookbook - Vegan Christmas Gifts

This New York Times bestseller from the founder of the famous food blog comes with over 100 vegan recipes each containing a beautiful full-page image.

It’s a cookbook with so many delicious and wholesome recipes packed with flavor, even non-vegans would enjoy.

After realizing the impact food has on the way we look & feel and the importance of using fresh ingredients with cooking Angela is keen to share her story and recipes she has perfected over the years.

Beware, her cooking style can be contagious!  

4) Vegan Lifestyle Boxes/Hampers

These boxes are a great way to introduce your non-vegan friends to the amazing range of vegan products. Even if you’re gifting it to a vegan friend there could be many products which are new to them.

The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Buy from >>

This lifestyle box comes with eight products*: Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Chilli Puffs , Sweetpea Pantry Playful Pizza Dough Mix with Chia & Flax Seeds, Mighty Bee Bananito Dark Chocolate Dipped Solar Dried Banana Bar, Popaball Strawberry Shimmer Bubbles, Tideford White Miso 1 Min Miso Cup, Jealous Sweets Pineapple and Grapefruit Love Bears, The Humble Co. Natural Charcoal Toothpaste , and Dr Will’s BBQ Sauce.

*These are the products as of 04th October 2018 and products may change from time to time

Mystery Vegan Beauty Box

Mystery Vegan Beauty Box - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Buy from >> 

Give a surprise with this mysterious vegan beauty box that includes some of the favorite beauty products exclusively selected by ‘The Vegan Kind’ staff.

Grab yours while stocks last!

5) Vegan Snack Boxes

Just because vegans are health conscious that doesn’t stop them from the indulgence of having delicious snacks and giving themselves a treat.   

Whether it’s a vegan or a non-vegan there is every reason to enjoy and add cheer to the festive season with these vegan snacks.  

Bunny James Deluxe Vegan Snack Gift Box

Bunny James Deluxe Vegan Snack Gift Box - Vegan Christmas Gifts

This deluxe vegan snack box consists of 30 handpicked premium & trending vegan snacks that includes chips, chocolate bars, cookies, jerky strips and much more with a month of snack supply!

Vegan “Snack Attack” Gift Box

Vegan "Snack Attack" Gift Box - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Buy from >> 

It has 14 items of vegan chocolates and snacks which are carefully selected to make sure the recipient is delighted.

There is an option to send the box directly to the recipient as a gift as well

6) Vegan Christmas Chocolates

You know how difficult it is to sweeten Christmas without chocolates, right? But it’s even sweeter when it’s cruelty-free and vegan.

Gift these luscious vegan chocolate truffles to your loved ones or friends and show them that there is no compromise on indulgence, luxury, and ethics!

Booja Booja Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Booja Booja Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate Truffles - Vegan Christmas Gifts

These multi award-winning handmade organic vegan chocolate truffles come with sweet roasted hazelnuts.  

It really feels great with its rich taste, melt and the crunch with hazelnuts.

Just warn them, it can be so addictive!

7) Vegan Wine

Well, folks, we all know the tradition. Wine for Christmas is always a winner and no one is gonna whine about that.

But there are some wine brands which are not vegan, filtered through fish bladder, bone marrow and egg whites.

No worries, you can still do it elegantly with these premium vegan wine brands and toast to a memorable holiday!

Meiomi Wine

Meiomi Wine - Vegan Christmas Gifts


Meiomi wine is one of the most decadent wine brands produced in California. The winemaker behind this brand is Melissa who has an extensive background with California’s top wineries bringing us wines which are rich, bold, and harmonious coming from the best fruit of the counties.

They have four varieties to choose from; pinot noir, chardonnay, rosé, and sparkling which are available at a variety of wine shops.

Varner Wine (Varner + Foxglove)

Varner Wine (Varner + Foxglove) - Vegan Christmas Gifts


This wine brand is produced by the highly esteemed Varner twins, Jim Varner and Bob Varner who are dedicated to the production of handmade wines.

So enjoy the season with your family & friends with glasses of Varner wine in hand!

8) Candles Gift Set

Candles are one of the best gifts to set the mood for the Christmas season to fill the spaces with comforting aromatic scents.

Still, it could be quite difficult to find candles which are vegan since some are produced with beeswax and stearic acid (from animal fat)

But you can still make holidays cozy with these vegan candles.

Strong Scented Candles Gift Set Made With Natural Soy Wax & Floral Essential Oil

Strong Scented Candles Gift Set Made With Natural Soy Wax & Floral Essential Oil - Vegan Christmas Gifts

9) Spa Bath Bombs

Christmas bath bombs are cute & simple gifts your loved ones & friends would find comforting for the holiday season!

They provide an excellent way to relax after hectic & long days to pamper themselves.

“Merry Christmas” Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set

"Merry Christmas" Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set - Vegan Christmas Gifts

10) Movie DVDs with Vegan & Environmental Themes for Christmas

Last but not least, isn’t it time for the movies? Christmas being a season of love & compassion if you can have fun watching a movie with a message that reinforces the true spirit of Christmas that’s even better!

Thus we listed all-time classics with a vegan or an environmental message to watch with your family and friends.

Chicken Run

Chicken Run - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Theme: how chickens feel (yes, they’re sentient) being confined to farms, destined for slaughter and how they fight to change their fate.

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians - Vegan Christmas Gifts

Theme: the cruelty of fur industry



Theme: environment and also one of the best romantic movies!

We hope our list of vegan Xmas gifts was helpful in making your loved ones and friends happy!

Any other vegan presents you think we’ve missed to include in our list for Xmas? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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Best Bread Makers Review 2018 (Top Choice by Consumers!)

Best Bread Makers ReviewFor this review, we have selected the best bread makers out there on the market to discuss product quality (including taste & quality of bread), features/specs, versatility, while showing consumer ratings, warranty, and many more details.

No doubt, that these advanced multi-tasking bread makers are some of the best things since sliced bread!

Out of these three top brands, Zojirushi has a specific program to make vegan bread though you can easily make vegan bread or veganize baking with other two brands as well. After all, bread is supposed to be vegan in its original form. If you’re also looking for gluten-free settings, Zojirushi and Breville can give you that option.

Besides baking bread, these machines can also make pizza & pasta dough, jam, cakes, and much more!   

These bread makers being the best rated & high end, they’re on the expensive side where you get what you pay for. One thing is for sure, these multi-purpose bread baking machines are stable & durable and you may save money in the long run other than getting healthy, tasty & better quality bread at home which far exceeds your average store-bought bread.

1) Zojirushi Bread Maker Review (Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus BB-PDC20BA)


Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Bread Maker Review

Since 1918, Zojirushi has been manufacturing products for a century to enhance the quality of life providing convenience, comfort, and value to people around the world.   

Whether you’re a novice or a professional baker, Zojirushi has been the top brand of choice and it has stood the test of time. With a rating of 4.5/5 from 1745 consumers speaks volumes!

Technologically advanced and loaded with many menu settings to provide you great versatility, Zojirushi comes with two blades (for thorough dough kneading), a removable nonstick bread pan, a vegan & gluten-free program and produces a loaf with a size & shape similar to a store loaf.

Get to know the quality of bread and everything you need to know about the machine from the details we’ve listed below.

Avg. Rating

4.5 out of 5 (from 1745 consumer ratings)

Bread Quality & Taste Test

When your kitchen is permeated with the aroma of fresh bread you know what to expect. That was a moment to cherish and our anticipation was sky high!   

As expected the freshly looking bread had a firm crispy crust with golden brown color, and the browning of the bread was consistent on all sides.

This even baking was understood due to its unique two-way heating mechanism (added heating element under the lid).

Inside the texture was consistent, soft, moist, and the air bubbles were spread evenly. It was firm enough making it much easier to cut.

We were able to cut really thin slices without a lot of crumbs or any damage to the texture. There were no awkward holes at the center as well which can create wastage. With any bread maker, you will have to wait for 20-30 minutes before slicing, since it’s not easy to cut bread when it’s freshly baked.

The taste was heavenly & excellent. It had a lovely crunch and not overly chewy. Great aroma, perfect looking standard sized loaf, and fantastic taste, what more you can expect? Words cannot describe the feeling when you see fresh healthy bread made at home in your own kitchen. Kudos to Zojirushi!

We also tried a loaf with added raisins. The raisins were well mixed evenly throughout the bread. Another delicious loaf with added sweetness of raisins!

Bread Sizes & Shapes

Available loaf sizes are: 1, 1-1/2, & 2 lbs (2 lb good for 4 people).

Zojirushi makes rectangular shaped loaves which are similar in shape & size to your store-bought loaves. Thus the slices should easily fit your bread slicer and toaster.

Custom Program Settings

Number of Courses: 15

Types of Custom Settings

  1. White
  2. Whole wheat
  3. Multigrain
  4. European
  5. Gluten-free
  6. Salt-free
  7. Sugar-free
  8. Vegan
  9. Rapid white
  10. Rapid whole wheat
  11. Dough
  12. Sourdough starter
  13. Cake
  14. Jam
  15. Homemade (3 homemade memory settings to customize)
  • The knead
  • Rise
  • Bake times

Custom Settings for Different Diets

  1. Vegan
  2. Gluten-free baking
  3. Salt-free
  4. Sugar-free

Average Baking Time

Standard bread = 3 hours and 20 minutes (depending on the settings you select)

Rapid bread      = 2 hours and 25 minutes

Delay Timer

This feature allows you to set the time you want the baking to begin. For an example, if you want the bread by the time you wake up at 7 a.m. you can put the ingredients before you go to sleep and set the delay timer to start baking at 3.30 a.m. Same feature can be used to keep the bread ready when you come home from work.  

Zojirushi has a 13-hour delay timer.

Crust Settings

Crust control gives you three crust colors: light, medium, or dark

Automatic Dispensers (for fruits, nuts, and yeast)

Zojirushi doesn’t have automatic dispensers for fruit/nut and yeast, but it indicates with a beep to make the additions and you can add nuts, fruits, raisins, chocolate chips or any other ingredient.

Bread Pan Quality & Maintenance

Baking pan is nonstick coated for easy cleaning and removal of bread.

Pan Dimension

5 x 8 3/4 x 5 inches

Kneading Blades

Comes with double kneading blades to knead dough thoroughly. Kneading blades are removable and have a nonstick coat making it easier to remove the bread and clean.

Other Features

  • Dual heaters on the bottom and under the lid for even baking and browning
  • Automatic pause to stop the kneading blades when the lid is opened and restarts when closed
  • Keep-warm setting can be used to keep the bread warm for 60 minutes
  • Large viewing window on top allows you to view the kneading, rising and baking of your bread

LCD Display

Easy-to-read LCD display shows the remaining time in which the bread will be completed and you can see the program setting codes on lid to select the type of baking.  

Noise and Stability

This is one of the quietest bread makers and no pounding or wobbling on the counter

Housing Material

Stainless Steel

Country of origin



I year

Electrical Ratings

120 volts

Motor & Heater Power

Heater: 600W Motor:100W

Machine Dimensions

10.5 x 18 x 12.88 inches


24 lbs

What Comes with the Package

Bread maker, liquid measuring cup, nested measuring cups, measuring spoon, instruction manual, recipe book and DVD

2) Panasonic Bread Maker Review (Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T)

Panasonic Home Bakery SD-BMT1000-T Bread Maker Review

With 34 pre-programmed settings, we really doubt there could be any other bread machine that can provide more variety than this bread maker. It’s a baker’s dream come true and its compact size doesn’t require much space which can fit even a small kitchen!

The freedom you have with this machine to choose a wide range of baking, types of dough and other options such as to make compote and chocolate is remarkable!

You can also make pasta, brioches, and scones or you can even surprise your guests with a marble bread by adding instant coffee, green tea or chocolate.

It is one of the fastest bread makers as well which can bake a bread in an hour!

The only minor issue is that the control panel and original user manual is in the Japanese language. So you will have to use the  Google Translate App available on smartphones (available on Android and iPhone). This app uses the camera on your phone to translate a language which appears on your screen.

You can find the closest English manual (PDF) which is available to download here (manual of the product made for the Hong Kong market)   

Once you paste the English labels on the control panel as described in the English manual it will be much easier to operate.

In spite of that minor inconvenience, there are many customers who are really satisfied with the versatility and performance of this machine!

Avg. Rating

4.6 out of 5 (from 39 consumer ratings)

Bread Quality & Taste Test

Again it was wonderful to see a perfectly baked bread and get ourselves filled with its aroma. So appetizing and the baking was consistent, covered with its light golden color.  

The bread had all the good characteristics you would expect from a quality well-proofed bread. A crispy crust, firm texture on the outside and a nice soft texture inside. It was very easy to cut into slices after keeping it for 30 minutes, and we didn’t find any weird holes.    

Tasty and obviously way better than the bread you would find in supermarkets.

Bread Shape & Size

Produces a 1 pound (good for 2 people) vertical loaf

Custom Program Settings

Number of Pre-Programmed Settings: 34

Types of Custom Settings

  1. Pain de mie
  2. Yudane pain de mie
  3. Chiffon pain de mie
  4. Bread
  5. Soft bread
  6. Rapid bread
  7. 60 minutes bread
  8. Rice bread
  9. French rice bread
  10. French Bread
  11. Rye bread
  12. Whole wheat bread
  13. Brioche
  14. Marble bread
  15. Pineapple bread
  16. Red bean bread
  17. Half bread
  18. Rice Flour Bread
  19. Bread dough
  20. Pizza dough
  21. Dumpling skin dough
  22. 8 minutes dough
  23. Natural yeast bread
  24. Natural yeast bread dough
  25. Natural yeast fermentation
  26. Scone
  27. Cake
  28. Vegetable Cake
  29. Chocolate
  30. Jam
  31. Compote
  32. Red bean
  33. Mochi
  34. Udon/Pasta dough

Bread Pan

Removable non-stick pan

Kneading Blades

The Panasonic comes with two types of removable blades. One for the bread and the other for noodles/mochi.

Average Baking Time

Standard bread = 4 hours

Rapid bread = 1 hours and 55 minutes

60 minutes bread = 1 hour

Crust Settings

You can set the crust color as light, standard or dark

Automatic Dispensers (fruits, nuts, yeast)

There are two dispensers, one for fruits & nuts and the other for yeast. These dispensers automatically release fruits, nuts, raisins, and yeast at the right time.

Delay Timer

13-hour delay timer

Other Features

  • Large LCD display
  • There is no window on top, but you can open the cover anytime during the baking process

Noise and Stability

It’s relatively quiet and stable on the countertop

Country of Origin



1 Year

Housing Material

PP Resin


13 x 10.3 x 14.4 inches


14.95 lbs

Electrical Rating


Motor & Heater Power


What Comes with the Package

Bread maker, instruction manual, recipe book, removable bake pan with two kneading blades, measuring cup and measuring spoon

3) Breville Bread Maker Review (Custom Loaf BBM800XL)  

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker Review

We’re all fond of our smartphones but if you’re looking for a smart bread maker then Breville BBM800XL is the one you’re looking for. It is also one of the sleekest & elegant looking bread makers that looks hi-tech with aesthetic appeal.

Once you make the selection via the interface the machine computes temperature and baking time while a simple ‘turn & confirm dial’ lets you get a recipe done.

Breville also comes with a larger bright & clear LCD display showing custom settings, cycles and other selections.

Avg. Rating

4.3 out of 5 (from 221 consumer ratings)

Bread Quality & Taste

The loaf looked quite big & plump with a nice even golden crust. It had a beautiful color and both the inner & outer texture looked great and enticing.

We sliced the bread after letting it cool for about 20 minutes. Though Zojirushi is still our top pick when it comes to best looking & tasteful bread we have no complaints against Breville. The bread was fresh, appetizing and tasty.  

Bread Sizes & Shapes

4 loaf sizes: 1.0-pound, 1-1/2-pound, 2.0-pound (family size) and 2-1/2-pound

Breville produces horizontal bread which is quite similar to the loaves at the store.

Custom Program Settings

Number of Automatic Settings (Courses): 13

Types of Custom Settings

  1. Basic
  2. Basic rapid
  3. Whole wheat
  4. Whole wheat rapid
  5. Gluten free
  6. Crusty loaf
  7. Sweet
  8. Yeast free
  9. Dough – bread
  10. Dough – pizza
  11. Dough – pasta
  12. Bake only
  13. Jam

Bread Pan

Non-stick bread pan with handle

Pan Dimensions

5.5 inches deep, 5.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long

Kneading Paddle

Removable single collapsible paddle with non-stick coating (automatically collapses before the ‘bake’ phase to minimize the hole at the bottom of the baked loaf)

Average Baking Time

Standard = 3 – 3 ½   hours (depending on the settings you select)

Rapid = 2 ½ hours

Delay Timer

13 hours

Crust Settings

3 crust colors: light, medium or dark

Automatic Dispensers (fruits, nuts and yeast)

Automatic fruit & nut dispenser releases ingredients at the right moment during the kneading phase to evenly incorporate within the dough. No automatic yeast dispenser.

LCD Display

Breville comes with a larger smart intuitive LCD screen with progress indicator, custom settings, remaining time, etc.

Other Features

  • Unique collapsible kneading paddle blends ingredients and then before the baking phase starts the paddle collapses to reduce the hole at the base of the loaf
  • If there is a power outage for 60 minutes or less, the ‘power failure protection’ will automatically resume the cycle when the power is back
  • Keep-warm setting: can keep bread warm after baking for 60 minutes
  • There is a window on top & interior light to check the loaf without opening the lid. You can also pause it and open the lid if required.

Noise and Stability

Fairly quiet and stable, but can have a slight shake while it kneads. Not as heavy or quite as the Zojirushi. Make sure to keep it on a dry, level and clean surface and don’t keep it near the edges.

Country of Origin

China (made according to Breville’s specifications & standards)


1 year

Housing Material

Stainless Steel


9.6 x 16.4 x 13.3 inches


16.85 lbs

Electrical Rating


Motor & Heater Power

830 Watts

What Comes with the Package

Bread maker, instruction booklet, collapsible paddle for bread & dough, and fixed paddle for jam


No matter which brand you select out of the above bread makers, it’s highly unlikely you will be disappointed since these have already proven to be the favorites among the consumers.

If you don’t want to trade bread quality, taste, loaf size and shape for anything besides having vegan & gluten-free options then no doubt, Zojirushi is the brand we would highly recommend (well it’s the Vitamix of bread makers).

If you’re willing to pay for a machine that gives you the liberty of baking with variety and make a few more recipes while having the convenience of dispensers and express baking, yet compromise on loaf size and shape then go for the Panasonic.

Fine design, modern interface, custom settings with pleasing bread quality & taste are your requirements, then you may opt for Breville.

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Best & Healthiest Vegan Bread Brands Review 2018

Best & Healthiest Vegan Bread Brands Review

Well, it’s time to have your real bread & butter (vegan butter of course)!

Since bread is a staple and such a convenient food for vegans, you might as well buy the healthiest you can, so that your body gets all the nourishment it deserves on a regular basis.

In this review, we show the best vegan bread brands and discuss bread quality, nutrition, taste, texture, and other related details.

If you ask a few tips to choose the best & healthiest vegan bread, that would be,

  1. No ingredients from animals
  2. 100% whole grain
  3. Good source of protein & iron
  4. Minimum of 2 grams of fiber per slice
  5. No artificial preservatives & ingredients
  6. Ideally 70 calories per standard slice
  7. No more than 4 grams of sugar per slice
  8. Minimum sodium (less than 200 milligrams per serving)
  9. Zero trans fat

But we feel below vegan bread brands have gone even further. Let’s see what they have to offer!

1) Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Vegan Whole Grain Bread

Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Vegan Whole Grain Bread

Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Vegan Whole Grain Bread

Store locator

This seems like a whole grain bread dedicated to vegans with no compromise on nourishment! So vegans rejoice!

Not only it has grains such as wheat, millet, barley, and spelt, but legumes such as soybeans and lentils too.

The beauty about this combination of sprouted grains and legumes is the complete protein it creates. Besides having all the 9 essential amino acids, you get 18 amino acids coming from all the plant sources in this bread.

Being a rich source of protein, iron, and calcium, you’re assured of vital nutrients as a vegan.

They also use a unique slow-bake process, which helps in preserving the natural fiber and bran benefits of grains.

Benefits of Sprouted Whole Grain Bread vs. Regular Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Bread

1) Phytic acid or phytates found in grains are known to be a mineral blocker or enzyme inhibitor. Sprouting breaks down enzyme inhibitors and minimizes the presence of phytic acid. This helps in bread digestion and increased absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc [1]

2) Sprouting converts starches in grains into simple sugars aiding in digestion and nutrients such as proteins which take more energy to digest can become more digestible.

3) Sprouted grains are typically higher in soluble dietary fiber, total protein, vitamin C, vitamin B2, B5 & B6, total phenolic contents and their antioxidant capacities [2]

Product Details

  • They use certified freshly sprouted organically grown grains which are verified by USDA authorized certifying agencies
  • It is free of flour, hence you avoid all the cons of enriched, or refined flour such as increased risk of diabetes,  constipation (lack of fiber), and a tendency to eat more (due to a lack of protein and fiber)
  • Free of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and anything artificial (no preservatives or shortenings)
  • Source of complete protein, zinc, vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus
  • Excellent source of fiber which would keep you filled giving a great start to your day. According to The American Heart Association dietary fiber when combined with an overall healthy diet, may lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and type 2 diabetes [3].
  • No cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fat


1 slice (34g):

  • 80 calories
  • 4g of protein (macronutrient)
  • 15g of carbs (macronutrient)
  • 3g of fiber
  • 4% of iron
  • 4% of vitamin B6

Taste Test

We tried it toasted. It had a very pleasing aroma while toasting. We liked the texture and straight away noticed that it’s quite solid compared to some flimsy whole wheat bread.

No falling apart after toasting and much easier to apply almond butter. It was crunchy, had a nice nutty flavor to it, and delicious keeping us fuller. Though the bread was refrigerated it still tasted fresh!  

Do note that since it’s free of preservatives you may find Ezekiel loaves in the frozen food section. Make sure you thaw it before trying to separate the slices as the slices can be a bit brittle being frozen.

Product Life:    Frozen (0°F) 12 months
Refrigerated (45°F) 2 weeks
Fresh (75°F) 5 days


Ezekiel 4:9 Whole Grain Bread Ingredients

2) Dave’s Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds (Thin-Sliced & Vegan)

Dave’s Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds (Thin-Sliced & Vegan)Dave’s Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds (Thin-Sliced & Vegan)


Store locator

Another best-selling bread brand for vegans with loads of healthy goodness and it really is a killer and ready to rock your world! Loaded with 21 grains & seeds and packed with protein, carbs, fiber, iron, and omega 3.

All of the nutrients, quality & hearty flavor of this bread come without adding extra weight gaining calories to you where each light & thin slice has only 60 calories.

Dave’s Killer Bread is USDA certified and Non-GMO Project Verified which mean all ingredients are free of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), ionizing radiation, and food additives.  

Product Details

  • USDA organic & Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Simple ingredients with no artificial or chemical preservatives and ingredients
  • Great nourishment with 21 whole grains & seeds
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No cholesterol, trans fat and saturated fat


1 slice (28g):

  • 60 calories
  • 3g of protein (macronutrient)
  • 12g of carbs (macronutrient)
  • 3g of fiber
  • 12g of whole grains
  • 130mg of omega 3
  • 4% of iron
  • 2% of vitamin B6   

Taste Test

There was no issue for us to eat it plain, but we made toasts. We had it with peanut butter and it was crispy, rich in flavor and delicious. The dense consistency, grainy texture, the fiber & protein made us feel fuller which lasted for a long time compared to other common commercial bread.

What’s special is that all the hearty filling and boost come with minimum calories which help maintain weight. What a perfect bread to start your morning!     


Dave’s Killer Bread can be stored at room temperature but can be kept up to 3 months longer if you store it in a freezer wrapped in a second bag. Prevent exposure to direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.


Dave’s Killer Bread Ingredients

Best Gluten-Free Vegan Bread Brand

3) Bfree Gluten-Free, Vegan, Wheat-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Sandwich Bread

Store locator

BFree soft white sandwich loaf is a product of Ireland and it’s free from gluten, wheat, soy, nuts, dairy, and eggs, making it suitable for vegans, celiacs or anyone with sensitivities to wheat, soy or nuts.

While being free from all major allergens, there is no compromise on taste, texture or nutrition being a good source of proteins, carbs, fiber, calcium and iron with no cholesterol, trans fat and saturated fat.

It is also a great choice for weight watchers since each slice comes with only 70 calories making it gluten free & guilt free!

Product Details

  • Certified gluten-free (GFCO) which means wheat free, spelt-free, rye-free, and barley-free.
  • It’s dairy-free, lactose-free, egg-free, nut-free, and soy-free making it free of major allergens
  • All the ingredients are non-GMO
  • Loaded with high fiber, protein, and high in antioxidant vitamin E
  • It’s low fat, no added sugar and only 70 calories per slice!
  • No cholesterol, trans fat and saturated fat
  • Shelf life: 12 months


1 slice (30g):

  • 70 calories
  • 3g of protein (macronutrient)
  • 13g of carbs (macronutrient)
  • 3g of fiber
  • 2% of calcium
  • 2% of iron

Taste Test

Since our taste with regard to gluten-free bread was usually bland and tasteless, our expectations were pretty low on taste. But this brand was no disappointment. The texture was moist, soft and the taste was so real, quite delicious, and there was no cracking and crumbling.

No doubt, one of the best tasting vegan gluten-free bread brands!


Bfree Gluten-Free, Vegan Sandwich Bread Ingredients


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Best Coconut Oil Brands for Cooking Review 2018

Best Coconut Oil Brands For Cooking Review 2018For this review, we’ve selected the two best-selling coconut oil brands, where one is organic unrefined (virgin) and the other is organic refined.

We discuss all the product details, how coconuts are sourced, quality & production process, our cooking test, a few tips to use it, and a few details about the producer.

While unrefined pure coconut oil is extracted with the lowest amount of heat to preserve its nutrition profile, refined oil is extracted slightly at a higher temperature still keeping its all-important medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) intact.

Unrefined coconut oil has a smoke point of 350 F (177 C) and comes with its fresh coconut taste & aroma whereas refined coconut oil has a higher smoke point of 400 F (204 Celsius) and comes with a neutral taste & aroma. If you need a more thorough comparison between unrefined & refined coconut oil, you can read our guide here.

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil Review

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil ReviewViva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil Review


Product Details

  • Product ratings: 4.7 out of 5 (from 16788 online consumer reviews)
  • Ingredients: organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil  
  • Sourced from fresh hand-picked coconuts
  • Country of origin: Philippines (2nd largest coconut producer)
  • USDA certified organic & non-GMO project verified
  • Free of pesticides, bleach, hexane, cholesterol, trans fat and it’s non-hydrogenated

  • Smoke point: 350 F (177 C)

  • Melting point at 76 F (24C)
  • Comes with healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and antioxidants
  • Jars are made of BPA-free plastic
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • 90 days money back guarantee!

How Coconuts are Sourced

According to Viva Naturals, they harvest their organic top-grade coconuts at its peak for optimum freshness and nutritional value from the best regions with rich fertile soils in the Philippines (2nd largest coconut producer) handpicked by skilled native farmers.

This adds human intuition & experience into the coconut harvesting process as opposed to large-scale farms where thousands of coconuts are harvested by machines daily which could compromise on quality.

In order to preserve the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), antioxidants, freshness, flavor & aroma these coconuts are cold-pressed with their own proprietary extraction technique within hours of collecting the coconuts.

Again this is way better than storing coconuts in warehouses for weeks or months which could weaken its nutrition.

Why We Recommend Viva Naturals Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

If you ask three features to make a commercial coconut oil pure & healthy those would be,

  1. Sourcing from fresh coconuts
  2. Certified organic
  3. Cold-pressed

And this product has all those features ticked.   

Though refined coconut oils are sourced with dried copra and may not come with desirable antioxidants due to the processing with high temperatures, Viva Naturals unrefined coconut oil is sourced from fresh organic coconuts and comes with the goodness of antioxidants!     

It is unrefined, organic, and cold-pressed, a pure coconut oil which has a pleasant tropical aroma and a natural coconut oil taste to take advantage of if you fancy a bit of coconut taste into your recipes.

Being USDA certified organic, non-GMO project verified, non-hexane, non-hydrogenated and free of harmful chemicals mean the oil has 3rd party verified quality & purity that you can trust.

The quality is further backed by its great track record so far with a good positive rating coming from an impressive 16788 consumer reviews and a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied to show that the producer stands by their product 100%!

How You Can Use it

  1. Cooking (sautéing, tempering curries)
  2. Baking (cookies, brownies, etc.)
  3. Salad dressings
  4. Make popcorn, coconut butter, and egg-free vegan mayonnaise.
  5. Substitute for butter (a great option for vegans)
  6. As a spread for your morning toasts and a dip for breadsticks, etc.
  7. Use it with oatmeal, soups, smoothies, or as a coffee creamer
  8. Dietary supplement
  9. Carrier oil for essential oils
  10. Hair conditioner
  11. Hair detangler
  12. Face & body moisturizer
  13. Massage oil
  14. Natural lip balm
  15. For dry hands
  16. Shaving cream   

As far as the coconut oil health benefits are concerned, Viva Naturals coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which may help experience moderate weight loss, improve metabolism and provide nourishment for a healthy gut & digestive tract.  

The lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid of the oil provide protection against viral, fungal, microbial, and bacterial elements which could boost your immune.

Unlike olive oil which gets oxidised with high heat, this coconut oil is quite stable due to its saturated fats as long as you don’t need it for cooking with a temperature more than 350 F / 177 C (smoke point) which is good enough for most stovetop cooking except for high heat stir-frying & deep frying.

It has a shelf-life of 2 years and requires to be stored in a cool, dry place and does not require refrigeration. Viva Naturals containers are made of safe, BPA-free, food-grade plastic

Do note that it has a melting point of 76 F and may come in solid or liquid form though either form will not alter any of the nutrients or the quality of the oil. If you always need it in a solid form you can refrigerate it or store it at a place with a temperature less than 76 F.

Cooking Test

What we’ve noticed by using this oil was that heating was pretty fast. We stir-fried some vegetables for like 2 minutes, just to test how it would do under high heat. Boy, it was scrumptious! There was no strong and burning coconut smell even at high heat and the stir-fried vegetables turned out really great!

We also used it as a spread on our toasts and had a nice hint of coconut flavor.

One of the best tasting coconut oils we’ve used, hands down!

Details & Core Values of Viva Naturals

  • USA based company
  • Their focus is on ethical sourcing, sustainability, and being environmentally friendly
  • Quality control in every step of the production
  • Making products affordable
  • Take care of workforce, suppliers & growers
  • Making donations for charitable causes that make a profound impact

Nutiva Organic Neutral Tasting Steam Refined Coconut Oil Review

Nutiva Organic Neutral Tasting Steam Refined Coconut Oil ReviewNutiva Organic Neutral Tasting Steam Refined Coconut Oil Review


Product Details

  • Product ratings: 4.5 out of 5 (from 2266 online consumer reviews)
  • Ingredients: organic refined expeller-pressed coconut oil (read our guide about the difference between refined & unrefined)
  • Sourced from organic dried coconuts
  • Country of origin: Philippines (2nd largest coconut producer)
  • Neutral flavor & smell
  • USDA certified organic & non-GMO project verified
  • Free of pesticides, bleach, hexane, cholesterol, trans fat and it’s non-hydrogenated

  • Smoke point is 400 F (204 Celsius)

  • Melting point 76 F (24C)
  • 23 oz. coconut oil comes in a glass jar and other quantities come in BPA, BPS, and phthalate free FDA approved food grade plastic containers
  • Shelf life: 2 years

Why We Recommend Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil

Nutiva sources sustainably farmed organic dried coconuts from Philippines (2nd largest coconut producer).

It is expeller-pressed and steam refined for a neutral flavor and odor (compared to unrefined coconut oil which has the coconut flavor & aroma) with a higher smoke point of 400 F (204 C). This makes it ideal for stir-frying & deep-frying adding more versatility in high heat cooking.

The quality is assured, as its whole process is USDA certified organic, non-hydrogenated, free of hexane & other dangerous chemicals while having no cholesterol or trans fat!

It is also a coconut oil product that shows a good track record with consumers which is evident by its positive rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 2266 consumer reviews.     

An ideal product when your recipes require a cooking oil without any coconut oil flavor or odor making it one of the most versatile culinary oils.

How You Can Use it

  1. Deep frying (stable & extremely low oxidation due to high smoke point of 400 F)
  2. Cooking (stir-frying, sautéing, tempering curries)
  3. Great substitute for all types of cooking with canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil or butter
  4. Baking
  5. To make popcorn and sauces without coconut flavor
  6. For skin & hair when you need odorless coconut oil

Nutiva organic coconut oil contains 62% of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) along with lauric acid and caprylic acid making it a good source of nourishment.

As we discussed before, MCTs are good for weight loss, better metabolism, healthy digestion and its fatty acids have antibacterial benefits. However compared to Viva Naturals unrefined coconut oil, it may not have the antioxidant properties such as phytonutrients.

All in all, Nutiva organic coconut oil can be used as an all-purpose oil for cooking & baking without coconut flavor & aroma, and also can be used as an odorless hair & skin care oil.  

There is no need to refrigerate it and you can store it at room temperature without any exposure to direct sunlight.

Cooking Test

Since the oil was solid, it was much easier to spoon it into the frying pan. This time we tested the oil with deep frying french fries. At high heat we couldn’t detect any smoke.

As expected there was no imparted coconut flavor or smell, and the french fries looked & tasted as it supposed to be. The fries were golden, crispy, and delicious!

Details & Core Values of Nutiva

  • USA based company founded in 1999
  • Many products are vegan certified
  • 1% of all sales go to sustainable agriculture which amounts to more than $3 million
  • Their focus is on innovation, quality, well-being, community, social & environmental responsibility
  • Support the Fair Trade Movement
  • California Green Business certified
  • Warehouse and headquarters in California are certified zero waste by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council
  • B Lab certified company (required standards: social sustainability, environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to the public)


Both Viva Naturals organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil and Nutiva organic neutral tasting steam refined coconut oil are with no doubt top selling & healthiest coconut oil brands compared to other commercial coconut oil brands sourced from low-grade non-organic coconuts and extracted with harmful chemicals.

To put it in a nutshell, the basic similarities & differences between these two brands would be,


  1. Sourced and processed according to organic standards
  2. No chemicals used
  3. Higher in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)
  4. Enough smoke point for most stovetop cooking
  5. 2-year shelf life
  6. Melt at approx. 76 F (24C)


Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil
1. Natural coconut flavor & aroma 1. Neutral in taste & odor
2. Smoke point is 350 F (177 C) 2. Smoke point is 400 F (204 C)
3. Made with organic fresh coconuts 3. Made with organic dried coconuts
4. High in antioxidants 4. Antioxidants low to none
5. Relatively expensive 5. Relatively cheap


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Best Vegan Cookie Brands (Real Cookies NOT Biscuits!)

Best Vegan Cookie Brands Review

Sometimes it can be confusing when we’re talking about cookies due to the fact that cookies being put under the same umbrella of biscuits. Even some biscuit manufacturers call their products as cookies on the wrapper possibly due to the non-specific definition of a cookie i.e. ‘a sweet biscuit’.

Search cookies on Google images and you will see what a typical cookie should look like…

So let cookies be cookies and biscuits be biscuits so that we get to enjoy both worlds and this post is dedicated for all those pure cookie lovers (with a lot of variety of course) where we show the best vegan cookie brands and discuss about flavors, taste test, quality, and nutrition.

All these cookies are dairy-free (lactose-free), egg-free and some cookies are gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free as well.

1) Uncle Eddies Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

Uncle Eddies Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies With Walnuts Review

Official website:

A lovely vegan cookie brought to you by a family-owned bakery in Los Angeles, California. It was a story about how a cookie recipe maker went from being vegetarian to vegan overnight paving the way for a great vegan cookie brand.

They always look for organic and fairly traded ingredients from suppliers who are involved in sustainable agriculture. They’re also committed to environmentally friendly packaging and products.

Take a look at our taste test!

Uncle Eddies Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Test

Ahmmmm these cookies smelled really good to start with! They were neither too hard nor too soft and had a nice, soft texture. Not crunchy but the texture was moist and felt really good chewing it. Two thumbs up from us for these scrumptious cookies! These cookies have to be one of the best vegan cookies out there hands down!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 cookie

  • Calories 130
  • Total Fat 6g (trans fat 0g / saturated fat 3.0g)
  • Sodium 110mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 18g
  • Sugars 10g
  • Protein 2g

2) Emmy’s Organic Macaroon Vegan Cookies

Emmy's Organic Macaroon Vegan Cookies Review

Official website:

The kind of brand that was built upon a sweet story where a young couple’s romance turning into a great family business. Contributing to the community, being environmentally conscious and taking care of everyone involved are some of the values their business is grounded on.

It is certified vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO verified and made in a dedicated gluten-free & dairy-free facility.

If you’re a fan of macaroons then these cookies are a great option!

Emmy’s Organic Macaroon Dark Cacao Cookies Taste Test

Emmy's Organic Macaroon Dark Cacao Cookies Taste Test


These cookies are quite small in size but are thick. We really liked the texture. Very soft, tender and not your typical crunchy cookie. After all these are macaroon cookies! Though it doesn’t feel exactly like your standard macaroon, the coconut flavor was there. The coconut was possibly well shredded. No bitter taste as well. A good choice if you’re after something different!

Emmy’s Organic Macaroon Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Test

Emmy's Organic Macaroon Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Test


These chocolate chip cookies were awesome! It was like having a macaroon version of a chocolate chip cookie. No hesitation in recommending!

Emmy’s Organic Macaroon Lemon Ginger Cookies Taste Test

Emmy's Organic Macaroon Lemon Ginger Cookies Taste Test


These had a well-balanced taste of lemon & ginger. Nothing too intense and you get to enjoy both flavors! If you love the tastes of lemon & ginger then here’s a cookie to try!

3) Maxine’s Heavenly Vegan & Gluten-Free Cookie Review

Official website:

Maxine’s Heavenly had its humble beginnings when Tim Miller’s mom, Maxine made those amazing cookies with her artistry of knowing how to combine ingredients & flavors that produce the kind of taste loved by everyone around her.

Though at the beginning it was all about those scrumptious cookies, with more knowledge over time about healthy eating and ingredients paved the way to replace ingredients one by one that also fitted a vegan & healthy lifestyle while holding true to the original cookies made by Maxine. 

Instead of using ingredients with gluten, processed flours & sugar, animal products and empty calories they chose much healthier alternatives that are nutritious and guilt-free!

Maxine’s Heavenly cookies are certified vegan, certified gluten-free, non-GMO project verified, soy-free and preservatives free


One small piece of advice, since these cookies are soft-baked they can easily crumble if not delivered properly. So unless you’re buying directly from the stores, make sure to get them delivered with the right packaging (snack packs in boxes recommended instead of bags) keeping all the cookies intact. 

Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies Taste Test

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk

Well, we all know that special taste and the great combination chocolates and cookie dough can create. These cookies looked really appetizing and you can already see those huge chocolate chunks staying true to its name, ya ‘Chocolate Chocolate Chunk’!

Besides being a healthy snack these cookies got richness & decadence written all over it and it was love at first bite! They were so chocolaty and unlike your typical dry cookies these were so moist and soothing when chewed. Nothing granular or rough about them…so soft and chunky!

And one more thing, Maxine’s Heavenly cookies have some special characteristics of its own…they are soft baked and feels like you’re having cookies and brownies together getting a taste of both worlds.  

So after eating the whole pack, we asked ourselves, why do we feel like these are homemade? Oh yes, we get it, when you’ve got a vegan cookie serving your sweet tooth with quality ingredients you can trust developed from a beloved original recipe (a ‘mom knows best’ recipe if you will) this is how you feel! 

Some of you may also like them chilled, so feel free to refrigerate and give it a try!  


Gluten-free oat blend (oats, oat flour, oat fiber), palm fruit oil*, semi-sweet chocolate chunks (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), organic coconut sugar, white rice flour, organic coconut nectar, dates, arrowroot flour, water, cocoa, flaxseed, organic gum acacia, sunflower lecithin, pure chocolate extract (alcohol, vanilla extract, chocolate concentrate, water), sea salt, baking soda

*roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) certified

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk

If peanut butter is your thing here’s a tempting peanut butter cookie to try! Maxine’s Heavenly uses their own peanut butter made from scratch so you can make sure it has a lot of authenticity to it.

As expected these cookies were generously packed with chocolate chunks and were delicious! We noted that the texture is bit on the dry side and crumbly, unlike the chocolate chocolate chunk which was moist and chewy. 

Eating them reminded us of peanut butter cup cookies and with in-house peanut butter & added chocolate chunks gave these cookies the richness and extra bit of indulgence we were yearning for.

With oat flour, peanut butter, chocolate chunks and roasted peanuts it’s quite difficult to get it wrong! 


Gluten free oat blend (oats, oat flour), palm fruit oil*, peanut butter (dry roasted peanuts), semi-sweet chocolate chunks (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), organic coconut sugar, organic coconut nectar, white rice flour, dates, arrowroot flour, water, dry roasted peanuts, flaxseed, organic gum acacia, sunflower lecithin, sea salt, baking soda

*roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) certified

Almond Chocolate Chunk

These cookies had whole almonds and natural almond extract so if you’re a big fan of almonds these are for you! They were slightly dry and gritty with a soft bite and a crumbly texture. 

We strongly felt the almond flavor with almond pieces and almond extract put together but it was nicely counterbalanced by the sweetness of coconut sugar and chocolate chunks

Again another lovely flavor from Maxine’s Heavenly with the nourishment of almonds!  


Gluten free oat blend (oats, oat flour, oat fiber), palm fruit oil*, semi-sweet chocolate chunks (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter), organic coconut sugar, white rice flour, organic coconut nectar, dates, almonds, arrowroot flour, water, flaxseed, organic gum acacia, sunflower lecithin, organic pure almond extract, sea salt, baking soda

*roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) certified

Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin

The moment you hear oatmeal you know what comes to mind…’breakfast’, and yes these cookies can be a nice addition to your breakfast! With every bite, we noticed oats and the powerful & spicy cinnamon punch, while feeling the sweetness of juicy raisins!

You can also use the crumbles to top vegan vanilla ice cream or vegan yogurt adding more nourishment & flavor to your desserts. Not only these cookies can be a great breakfast addition but can pleasingly complement your evening tea or coffee!

So, in the end, it was all about deliciousness with wholesome goodness of oats!


Gluten Free Oat Blends (oats, oat flour, oat fiber), Palm Fruit Oil*, Raisins, Organic Coconut Sugar, White Rice Flour, Organic Coconut Nectar, Dates, Arrowroot Flour, Water, Flaxseed, Organic Gum Acacia, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Baking Soda

*roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) certified

4) Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies

Lucy's Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies Review

Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are founded by a physician & mother Dr. Lucy.  It is an award-winning chocolate chip cookie (per manufacturer) and all cookies are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, with no peanuts, tree nuts, milk, or eggs.

These cookies have many organic ingredients and they have no trans fat and cholesterol.

If you have allergies and looking for a quality cookie brand, these cookies are a great option to consider!

Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Test

These cookies looked so appetizing and were really delicious! They were so crisp & crunchy (oh that crunch felt so good), buttery and flavorful. If Enjoy Life cookies were the melting moist type these are the dry crunchy type which will absorb well if you dip it into any plant milk. Being a gluten-free cookie, it didn’t disappoint at all and a sweet alternative!  

Nutrition Facts

Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies Nutrition facts


5) Enjoy Life Vegan Cookies

Enjoy Life Vegan Cookies Review

Official website:

Enjoy Life has been providing tasty, allergy-friendly snacks since 2001. According to Enjoy Life Foods, it is the first gluten-free company to be given non-GMO status for all of its products.

The cookie flavors we’ve mentioned below are verified non-GMO, allergy-friendly, certified gluten-free, and vegan.

Enjoy Life products are free from wheat, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, soy, casein, sulfites, eggs, lupin, and sesame.

Made in a dedicated nut and gluten-free facility.

Vegan Flavors/Variety: Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies Chocolate Chip, Enjoy Life Crunchy Mini Cookie Double Chocolate,  Enjoy Life Crunchy Mini Cookie Chocolate Chip, Enjoy Life Crunchy Mini Cookie Sugar Crisp, Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies Sugar Crisp, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies Chocolate Chip, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies Double Chocolate Brownie, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies Gingerbread Spice, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Mini Cookie Chocolate Chip, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Mini Cookie Double Chocolate Brownie, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Mini Cookie Snickerdoodle, Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies Snickerdoodle.

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Nutrition FactsEnjoy Life Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test


These vegan non-dairy cookies definitely smelled like a chocolate chip cookie. They felt really good while chewing. The texture was soft, gooey and melted really well. Not dry at all. A thumbs up from us and a great addition to your sweet tooth!

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie Taste Test

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie Nutrition FactsEnjoy Life Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies Taste Test


These were delicious! The texture was soft, moist and we thoroughly enjoyed! It does say Double Chocolate Brownie. So it was like a hybrid of cookies & brownies. Something different but in a good way! Recommended!

6) Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Vegan Cookie

Lenny & Larry's The Complete Vegan Cookie Review

Official website:

Since 1993 Lenny & Larry’s has been providing quality baked goods. Not only they’re experimenting with new flavors and new ingredients to provide you great taste but with the goodness of protein and fiber as well.

A great option if you’re an avid traveler and when you’re on the go, you have the convenience of having these cookies to get your protein & fiber to keep you nourished & filled!

These cookies are quite big and you know what we mean when the serving size is half a cookie 😉 Actually, your typical cookie might be 1/2 the size, so two persons can have one cookie together!


  • Protein: 16g per cookie
  • Fiber: 8g per cookie

Not only these cookies are non-dairy & vegan but they are non-GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, no cholesterol, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no trans fat and soy-free (great choice if you have soy allergies).


The product page on Amazon may say soy protein but their new protein blend is made out of pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, and wheat gluten with no soy.

Flavors/Variety: Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Choc-O-Mint, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Spice, White Chocolate Macadamia

White Chocolate Macadamia Taste Test

White Chocolate Macadamia Taste Test


This cookie looked very much like the cookie on the wrapper with lots of white chocolate chips. It tasted great and slightly similar to the birthday cake cookie below but with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts! Though loaded with protein,  there was no protein aftertaste.

What is unique about this cookie is the fact that it has white chocolate chips while being vegan. This is a combination which is a rarity since finding vegan white chocolates is quite difficult though there are few vegan white chocolate brands.

It’s very crumbly and got a very good texture for a cookie. It was thick and filling! Personally, we enjoyed the taste but you just have to try it for yourself to find out since it comes with white chocolate chips.

Oatmeal Raisin Taste Test

Oatmeal Raisin Taste Test


As expected these cookies smelled like oatmeal with raisins with a pungent cinnamon smell (adding spiciness). We saw the raisins and a bit of cinnamon! Not bad at all. It did taste like oatmeal with raisins with that spicy taste of cinnamon. This was a cookie that lived up to its flavor it was supposed to deliver. No weird tastes at all. What you see is what you get. An authentic cookie!!

Birthday Cake Taste Test

Birthday Cake Taste Test


The first thing we checked when we opened the wrapper was to see whether the cookie had sprinkles on it. No disappointment, the cookie did have sprinkles on it. After all this cookie is a birthday cake right? The texture was soft and it tasted like a cookie & cake combo! Nice cookie to serve on your birthdays or any other party! 

Peanut Butter Taste Test

Peanut Butter Taste Test


These cookies were not that crunchy and were soft without any overpowering peanut butter taste. It also didn’t have much of a protein aftertaste which is good. So overall these were quite good and you should give it a try.


Best Vegan Cookie Brands Review!