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Pizza Hut Vegan Pizza & Menu Options

Pizza Hut Vegan Pizza & Menu OptionsSince you can find a Pizza Hut almost in every major city, getting to know all the vegan menu options can be quite handy for all those pizza loving vegans.

Vegans can also expect more from Pizza Hut as they have now made vegan cheese (Violife) available across the UK!

So rest of the world vegans…no worries. With this post, you will know all the dairy-free vegan options at Pizza Hut and we wanted to make sure you’re not going to be a lonely planet in a Hut. Let’s eat, drink and come out of that Hut like Mr./Ms. Pleased!

Whether you’re from US, UK or from another region you will have a vegan pizza base/crust to start creating your own custom pizza besides enjoying all the other vegan food & drink options.

Basics of Vegan Ordering at Pizza Hut (Veganizing Pizza)

  • Check whether vegan cheese is available
  • If vegan cheese is not available you can always compensate with extra sauce and toppings
  • Select your vegan pizza base/crust (listed below)
  • Order the type of extra vegan sauce you fancy (listed below)
  • Now…order that thick layer of veggie toppings to your heart’s desire to make it one delicious vegan pizza! Don’t forget your healthy black olives, meaty mushrooms, heart-friendly tomatoes, sweet n juicy pineapple, banana peppers, and onions
  • You can always clarify anything with your server and see what vegan options they have at that particular Hut suitable for a vegan

When Getting it Delivered

The advantage of having your pizza delivered is that you can add more vegan stuff at your disposal to enrich its flavor further.  

If your pizza comes without any vegan cheese you can add some vegan cheese mozzarella, shreds or slices.   

You can also consider adding some vegan sliced sausages, extra firm tofu, TVP granules, vegan beef, vegan chicken, or any other vegan meat ingredients to your liking.

If you want a quick fix without using your oven sprinkle some vegan parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast over your pizza.

Vegan Menu Options

Pizza Crust/Base

  • Thin ‘n Crispy (US)
  • Hand-tossed Crust (US)
  • Pan Dough (UK)
  • All American Thin (UK)
  • Flat Bread (UK)
  • Gluten Free Dough (UK)
  • Ultimate Thin (UK)
  • Thin Crusts
  • Salted Pretzel Crust

Sauces & Dips

  • BBQ sauce (recommended with pizza base)
  • Tomato sauce (recommended with pizza base)
  • Buffalo sauce (recommended with pizza base)
  • Marinara sauce (recommended with pizza base and pasta)
  • Hot N Spicy sauce
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Hut House seasoning
  • BBQ dip pot
  • Sweet Chilli sauce
  • Sweet Chilli dip pot
  • Salsa
  • Garlic & chilli dipping oil

Pizza Toppings

  • Black olives
  • Mushroom
  • Mixed peppers
  • Pineapple
  • Rocket
  • Fresh spinach/baby spinach
  • Red onion
  • Caramelised onions
  • Sweetcorn
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Jalapeños
  • Onion and pepper mix
  • Roquito peppers
  • Roasted red pepper strips
  • Peruvian cherry peppers
  • Green bell peppers
  • Banana peppers
  • Green chilli


Some Huts may have vegan cheese (vegan cheese is available in UK–Violife brand)


Request pasta with marinara sauce and without cheese sauce


Tomato soup (leave mozzarella cheese)

Salad Bar

  1. Salad/lettuce mix (undressed slaw): green romaine, green oak, lolla rosa, tango, red romaine, red oak, and greens: mizuna, radicchio, arugula, frisee
  2. Mixed peppers
  3. Black olives
  4. Green olives
  5. Red onion
  6. Sweetcorn
  7. Cherry tomatoes
  8. Cucumber
  9. Shredded carrot
  10. Peppers
  11. Apple
  12. Bacon bits (yes, it’s vegan!*)
  13. Tortilla chips
  14. Fried onion
  15. Sultanas
  16. Pickled beetroot  
  17. Celery
  18. Tomato and basil cous cous
  19. Jalapeños

* Bacon bits: fortified wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, thiamine, niacin), palm oil, seasoning (rusk (contains fortified wheat flour (wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, thiamine, niacin)), flavourings (contains soya, barley), colours (beetroot red, paprika extract, plain caramel), yeast extract powder, salt, yeast powder, sugar, barley malt flour, hydrolysed vegetable protein (soya), smoked salt), salt, yeast.

Salad Dressings

  • Low-fat French dressing
  • Extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar


  • Fries/chips (vegan only when oven-cooked – available in some Huts)
  • Onion rings (vegan only when oven-cooked – available in some Huts)
  • Vegetable sticks


Cinnamon Sticks (ask to leave the icing)


Soft Drinks

  • Seven-Up
  • Mountain Dew
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Mug Root Beer

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Prosecco (wine)
  • San Miguel (beer)
  • Budweiser (lager)
  • Carlsberg (beer)

Baby Food

Heinz Strawberry, Raspberry & Banana Pouch

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With ever-increasing demand for vegan food, we’re hopeful that vegan cheese will be made available in many other regions as well.

So let’s enjoy pizza with all the vegan options using our creative skills showing Pizza Hut that vegans in other regions deserve vegan cheese as much as the Brits do.

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4 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Vegan Pizza & Menu Options

  1. What ingredients in pan crust make it not vegan because some websites say it is vegan

    1. One of their ingredient lists showed whey powder being used to make pan crust which is a by-product of cheese production. If they have specifically marked it as vegan, then you shouldn’t have any issue

  2. Have you verified that the sugar in the crusts is not processed with bone char? I live in the U.S. and would like to order a cheese-less pizza but cannot figure out what kind of sugar they use. Most sugar made and used in the U.S. is not vegan.

    1. Hi Angelica, we do understand sugar is the only ingredient in these crusts that could be difficult to decide. Unfortunately, we’re unable to check the source of sugar used by Pizza Hut, hence we have given the benefit of the doubt and not listed it as an animal ingredient. In such situations, we tend to go by the definition of veganism given by the Vegan Society “veganism is…as far as is possible and practicable”.

      Nevertheless, in the future, if we get to know that they’re not using unrefined sugar or organic sugar we would politely encourage them to use such types of sugar. Hope this helps!

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